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Cinema Addict - 1556 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 2, 2011

Location: Mariager, DK, Denmark

Age: 37

Gender: Female

Status: Single

Bio: I like lists and to put things in boxes, so I rate only for my own convenience :) But feel free to read and use my observations - I take the rating seriously :)

6. Fantastic
5. Very Good
4. Good
3. Recommendable
2. Okay
1. Bad
0. Time wasted
more Recent Ratings
3% The Hustle (2019) - Feb 20, 2020
"The only good thing was Hathaway's outfits. *Bad"
72% En helt almindelig familie (2020) - Feb 07, 2020
72% Amazing Grace (2019) - Jan 31, 2020
"Like I was at a live concert. So raw, so unedited and very moving. I felt her heart. *Good"
98% Parasite (2019) - Jan 30, 2020
"My mind was a little paralyzed when I left the movie theater. What a crazy mind blowing watch. The dialogue, the tension, the speed, the shifts in mood and surprising moments. You end up rooting for everyone and never really take sides. *Fantastic"
72% De forbandede år (2020) - Jan 24, 2020
"It's very much A-Z, a little long at times, and throughout most the movie I couldn't figure out what the story was about - what did they wanted me to know? Not sure I ended up figuring it out. I still learned new things though about the war in my own country, I found many of the different characters stories interesting, and it had a different feel and vibe than most war movies. *Good"
92% 1917 (2019) - Jan 14, 2020
"Following the characters like that with only 2-3 “breaks” in 2 hours is SO intense! It was real and authentic. Amazing job by MacKay and huge applause to Mendes! Minor details “missing”, but sure; bring home some Oscars! *Very good"
92% Lykke-Per (2018) - Jan 03, 2020
"Rarely do I find acting this good in Danish movies - Smed and Rosenthal did a really great job. Impressed that I wasn't bored at any time through 3 hours. *Very Good. "
72% Blue Jay (2016) - Dec 30, 2019
"Wait for it. *Good"
44% Stronger (2017) - Dec 27, 2019
"The drama was a little too loud. Decent performances from the two leads. It always gets me how they do the missing-leg-thing. *Recommendable"
92% Call Me by Your Name (2017) - Dec 27, 2019
"It draws you in and captivates - so emotional and honest. So many fine details in the music, screenplay and still shots. And the dialogue is eminent. Chalamet was manifique! Worth every credit and nominees. *Very good"