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Cinema Addict - 1637 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 2, 2011

Location: Mariager, DK, Denmark

Age: 39

Bio: I like lists and to put things in boxes, so I rate only for my own convenience :) But feel free to read and use my observations - I take the rating seriously :)

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72% Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) - Jan 11, 2022
"Another Marvel-flick and I liked it. Don't mind if Shang-Chi is an add-on to the whole group and that we'll see him in again. Awkwafina always works good as a sidekick. *Good."
43% Black Widow (2021) - Jan 07, 2022
"I was entertained - not lying. Girlpower, sisterlove and action what's not to like? Fan of "Yalena". Only flaw was I didn't get so much of the Marvel-feel. But I guess the point was to tell BW's story. *Recommendable."
72% Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) - Jan 07, 2022
"I'm a big fan of Holland - he is the movie. Our villain in this one was a little bla, and his mission was a little pathetic but all in all I was entertained, and I realized how much a like this universe without being a superfan. *Good"
43% To All the Boys: Always and Forever (2021) - Jan 05, 2022
"Still cute and I'm still a big fan of the chemistry between the two leads. The first one is still the best, but there's just something about these 3 standard feel-good teen-flicks that I really like. Sorry not sorry... *Recommendable "
43% To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (2020) - Jan 04, 2022
"It might not be all that but, and the first was better but I really like the vibe in these stories. The chemistry between the two leads are so cute and there's just some realness to the whole things despite the teen-flick universe. *Recommendable"
17% Lovehard (2021) - Jan 03, 2022
"When you expect nothing you can only get pleasantly surprised - that is what happened here. Nice and cute Christmas vibe. *Okay and close to *Recommendable if you like this stuff."
43% Ternet Ninja (2018) - Dec 28, 2021
"Matthesen is so freakin' talented. That's all I have to say even though this is not my type of movie. *Recommendable"
17% House of Gucci (2021) - Dec 28, 2021
"Pretty good story to tell, it was just too long - like way too slow paced. Great acting and crazy costumes don't cut it. Scott didn't do it this time. *Okay"
72% Skyggen i mit øje (2021) - Dec 28, 2021
"A piece of history I didn't know about. Everyone did good and the kids did even better. So hard to watch. *Good"
72% No Time to Die (2021) - Nov 25, 2021
"The next "Bond" has big shoes to fill. Craig is giving us one of his best performances, the pace is high and something real is on line for once. Great finale and I'm excited te see how they will carry it on. *Good"