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Cinema Addict - 1529 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 2, 2011

Location: Mariager, DK, Denmark

Age: 37

Gender: Female

Status: Single

Bio: I like lists and to put things in boxes, so I rate only for my own convenience :) But feel free to read and use my observations - I take the rating seriously :)

6. Fantastic
5. Very Good
4. Good
3. Recommendable
2. Okay
1. Bad
0. Time wasted
more Recent Ratings
44% Dirch (2011) - Dec 11, 2019
92% Knives Out (2019) - Dec 10, 2019
"The more I think about it, the more I liked it. Carried the suspense and characteristic atmosphere throughout the movie. Armas was superb - Craig not so much. *Very good"
72% Collision (2019) - Nov 24, 2019
"I loved the authenticity. *Good"
3% Tall Girl (2019) - Nov 21, 2019
"That were more clichés than I can handle in one movie. So narrow minded to put people in boxes like that. Too few moments for it to be worth watching. *Bad"
44% Aquaman (2018) - Nov 19, 2019
"Not bad, just too Sci-Fi for my taste. And a little messy to be honest. Probably would have worked in 3D at the movies. *Recommendable"
3% The Queen's Corgi (2019) - Nov 17, 2019
"Compared to all the amazing animated movies out there, this one is way off, and doesn’t even come close to the same value of entertainment. *Bad"
44% Last Christmas (2019) - Nov 12, 2019
"Cutie Christmas Clarke, gorgeous Goulding, a weeeird turnout by a Danish actor and some sniffling due to an (in my opinion) annoying twist. *Recommendable"
44% Crazy Rich Asians (2018) - Nov 06, 2019
"It had its moments.. Laughs, love, moral and crazy rich asians. *Recommendable"
44% The Upside (2019) - Nov 02, 2019
"Stick with the original French version. But the story is still worth the watch - even in this version. *Recommendable"
18% Midway to Heaven (2011) - Nov 02, 2019
"Cute - but too dull and without depth, which is probably the opposite of the intention. *Okay"