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Cinema Addict - 1619 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 2, 2011

Location: Mariager, DK, Denmark

Age: 38

Bio: I like lists and to put things in boxes, so I rate only for my own convenience :) But feel free to read and use my observations - I take the rating seriously :)

6. Fantastic
5. Very Good
4. Good
3. Recommendable
2. Okay
1. Bad
0. Time wasted
more Recent Ratings
43% Bad Boys for Life (2020) - Mar 05, 2021
"Sequel accepted. Still a good sense of humor and good action. As I said: Sequel accepted. *Recommendable."
72% Dinner for One (1963) - Jan 07, 2021
"Not much to say - just a classic! *Good"
17% The Princess Switch: Switched Again (2020) - Dec 13, 2020
"Pleasently surprised. She actually plays three characters with three different accents. *Okay"
3% Christmas Made to Order (2018) - Dec 10, 2020
"These titles gets weirder and weider."
3% Christmas Under Wraps (2014) - Dec 09, 2020
"I never have high expectations for these Hallmark cliché movies and I really like Cameron but this one doesn't make the cut for "okay". *Bad"
43% The Christmas Chronicles (2018) - Dec 09, 2020
"A little too crazy for my taste but it works - maybe because Russell works... And besides that I especially liked the creativity in Santa's work place. *Recommendable"
17% Twinkle All the Way (2020) - Dec 07, 2020
"I got a few "Christmas-bumps". *Okay"
17% Operation Christmas Drop (2020) - Nov 29, 2020
"The witch from Vampire Diaries and the bad guy from Hunger Games hit it off in a political-propaganda-sugar-sweet-romance. Why not? *Okay"
3% Holidate (2020) - Nov 29, 2020
"I like Roberts energy but the story lacked substance... *Bad"
43% Erna i krig (2020) - Nov 13, 2020
"The somewhat simple storytelling had more to offer than I expected. And you can always count on Dyrholm. *Recommendable."