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T2 Penguin Bloom (2020) - 02 Feb 2021
T1 Zootopia (2016) - 15 Aug 2020
"here, different peoples are biologically distinct species, with the largest natural dichotomy being the black-and-white (har har) distinction of predator and prey. race is not a social category: we should learn to accept our inherent natural differences in the name of diversity. and who is to prevent us from howling into the dark, savage night? surely not the feckless civil service, infested by the corrupt. no, only that ever-elusive "good cop" can rule the state of nature. also an iphone ad."
T2 Despicable Me (2010) - 28 Mar 2020
"like seemingly every other animated film these days, it's an unimaginative bore about the importance of (an americanized understanding of) family. perhaps instead it could have been a simple comedy about an increasingly annoying series of pranks. buster keaton for zoomers or something."
T1 Jojo Rabbit (2019) - 26 Dec 2019
"worthy of benigni."
T8 Three Colors: Blue (1993) - 28 May 2019
"accidentally deleted rating. some impressive camerawork; a bit too impressive at times."
T2 Head with Hammer (2001) - 23 May 2019
T2 Dead Mouse with Ants (2002) - 23 May 2019
T2 The Pig Walks (2002) - 23 May 2019