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Celluloid Junkie - 3952 Film Ratings

Member Since: Oct 8, 2009

Bio: I am mostly a fan of the various post-1965 horror genres, Asian films (not just gong-fu) and South American horror and sci-fi.
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99 99% Girl's Blood (2014) - Apr 28, 2018
"For a pinku there’s not much pink. Which is a good thing. A powerful story, cliche but very well done; great acting, believable characters! I’m so used to pink films being junk soft porn. This is actually a great film! "
98 98% Kick-Ass (2010) - Jul 16, 2010
"With a film style kung-fu gore-fest straight out of 1980s Japan vengeance movies, this film is as under-rated as it is misunderstood! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the film. "
89 85% Alice (1988) - Nov 23, 2010
"BY FAR one of the best variants; and the only to capture the dark, politically charged undertones of the original writing. This is also one of the few that leaves you walking away with the book's intended 'how real was it' ideas. The ONLY Alice in Wonderland film to truly delve into the writer's no-so-overt study of where does the line between fantasy and reality end. "
80 65% Black Sabbath (1963) - Jul 31, 2010
"Classic tales of terror. Not really horror but definitely a must for fans of classic audio/radio series such as Inner Sanctum and Lights Out. All three stories have been the base for many, MANY, modern films, from Don't answer the Phone, and Once Past Midnight; to Babysitter. Enjoy in whatever format you can grab it in. "
30 7% Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country (2008) - Jun 26, 2010
"Very one-sided film about the former country known as burma and the transition to the current country Myanmar. While it is accepted that the current Myanmar ruling government is harsh, Burma wasn't much better. There is a lot of focus on Buddhists however most of Myanmar's Buddhist population do not practice actual Buddhism; rather a twisted theocratical version of deist worship, like Tibet. The replacing religious enslavement with militant repression is not truly documented here. "
1% Black Devil Doll (2007) - May 08, 2010
"Soft-core hard-gore part sequel part remake of the 1984 film BDD. Lots of t"
50 13% Sex (1992) - Nov 06, 2010
"Madonna is ALWAYS watchable but this is just a montage of clips on Hi-8 (NOT super-8) thrown together to LOOK like a film. "
90 90% Blooded (2011) - May 05, 2011
"Hunting is: MURDER! There is not, will not be, and never was any difference between murdering homosapiens and murdering ("hunting") other animals. I don't know if this film is really based on some actual happening or not. Couldn't care less if it was. If this really happened those murdering bastards got exactly what they deserved. I feel NO PITY. If the story is made up, then it's about time someone made a piece of investigative art such as this that shows the REALITIES of hunting. "
0% Godzilla, King of the Monsters! (1956) - Oct 11, 2009
"This butchered American release was far from the 9.5 I gave the original. Raymond Burr was never a great actor to begin with, always propped up by better actors(s) around him. Problem is there is no real supporting cast for him here, and it shows. Typical political recutting of Anti-American-weapons international films of the time period; watch Gojira, stay far away from this; they've cut out huge parts of the movie, changed the story, and shoved in Raymond Burr. Not worth the pain of watching."
98 98% Godzilla (1954) - Oct 08, 2009
"Gojira: 98 the true king of all monsters, the god, all hail.... Godzilla, King of the monsters (US re-cut): 01 American butchered version with the well-deserved and well-earned anti-American anti-atomic messages removed. Gojira's appearance makes it get better than a 0 but there's nothing that can make up for the crap that was shoved on american audiences with some inferior, low-talent, worthless acting of Raymond Burr; by far one of the MOST OVERRATED lack-of-talents of all time. "