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50 T6 Proxy (2013) - Nov 19, 2017
50 T6 Radius (2017) - Nov 16, 2017
35 T3 Dirty Dancing (1987) - Oct 28, 2017
"I've read several reviews which describe Swayze's character as a 'bad boy', but the film doesn't frame him that way at all - he's just a young working-class guy. People really can't tell the difference? Not very good, but very obviously written by a leftist, and the only musical centrally concerned with funding an abortion, and even better with no moralising or agonising about the 'difficult choice' involved at all. Like, none! Dislike of Grey in this seems to me like unconscious anti-Semitism."
40 T4 Hush (2016) - Oct 09, 2017
50 T6 Gerald's Game (2017) - Oct 09, 2017
"SPLRS. Through male characters a spectrum of horror is revealed, somewhat undermined by the conclusion. The 'twist' at the end isn't the problem, but the late sprint to a very Hollywood-ish happy ending is, and also her discovery of empowerment partly through being assertive in the face of someone Ed Gein-ish who seems intellectually deficient and literally in a courtroom on a way to prison or perhaps death. (By contrast husband gets an imagined seemingly friendly goodbye wave for some reason.)"
65 T8 Operation Avalanche (2016) - Oct 08, 2017
55 T7 The Ice Cream Truck (2017) - Sep 27, 2017
"Interesting micro-budget film with good, well-written central character/performance and generally good acting, a continuation of concerns in the writer-director's previous REBOUND, especially in relation to gender, a nice retro-Halloween feel to the opening titles and some later scenes and score, and a conclusion that re-frames the narrative if one is willing to give a little bit of thought, making the film still coherent and still creepy in actually more plausible and less generic ways. Nice."
35 T3 The Strangers (2008) - Sep 22, 2017
"The twist, I guess, is the lack of twist, giving it a surprising lack of...anything... Didn't see that coming."
35 T3 The Device (2014) - Sep 22, 2017
65 T8 The Dirties (2013) - Sep 20, 2017
"The ending is so not garbage. It doesn't leave much to be desired. The payoff is not underwhelming."