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45 T5 Tragedy Girls (2017) - Feb 19, 2018
20 T1 Friday the 13th (1980) - Feb 11, 2018
"Some horror franchises are the story of a relatively strong film followed by cash-in sequels of little, often declining value. But that initial movie retains some quality. HALLOWEEN is an obvious example. This, though - the most well-known, longest-lasting horror franchise in cinema - is an exception; started very bad, stayed very bad. The practical effects are good but not very interesting, and in this context not very effective. The first Sean Cunningham film I have ranked and reviewed here."
40 T4 The Circle (2017) - Jan 29, 2018
"A tech company conspires to have a politician investigated for corruption so a new one can help pursue far more ambitious versions of the same sort of thing, while pretending it is all benevolent; an apparently naive but really cynical young woman joins the company and does the exact same thing to the company leaders, having them overthrown to pursue expanded versions of the same things. Not a thriller in any way, but marketed as one; a subtle satire interfered with, wrecked? Oddly, I hope so."
55 T7 Scare Campaign (2016) - Jan 26, 2018
65 T8 The Eyes of My Mother (2016) - Jan 17, 2018
60 T7 The Cube (1969) - Jan 04, 2018
40 T4 Knowing (2009) - Dec 18, 2017
35 T3 I, Robot (2004) - Dec 18, 2017
40 T4 Dark City (1998) - Dec 18, 2017