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Cinema Addict - 1228 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 19, 2012

Location: Portland, IN, USA

Bio: I enjoy most movies.

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88 71% The Birdcage (1996) - Jan 03, 2023
"A gay movie my straight father sat down and made me watch. I really enjoyed it! Williams and Lane have amazing chemistry and are effortlessly funny and charming and enjoyable to watch. Hank Azaria and Christine Baranski were also some notable additions. I'm not sure they could get away with making this movies nowadays with mostly straight actors, but I don't fucking care. It was charming and heartwarming and funny and I loved It. I give 8 drag queens out of 10."
86 62% Lightyear (2022) - Jan 03, 2023
"I love space and airplanes and Toy Story, so oh boy was I ready for this. It's by no means one of the top tier Pixar films, but I still really enjoyed It. Boots is the MVP and such a good boy. I give 8 Zurgs out of 10."
87 67% Atomic Blonde (2017) - Jan 03, 2023
"I will watch just about anything with Charlize Theron in it. She kicks ass in almost every movie I've seen her in, but she SLAMS ass in this. Also she's a queer queen and I'm a sucker for anything gay, especially if It's actually good. If you like dark, British, Cold War action movies you'll actually really love this because It is exactly that. I give 8 hidden guns out of 10."
88 71% The Black Phone (2022) - Jan 03, 2023
"Honestly, a pretty good year for horror films. I love Sinister and Doctor Strange, so I was excited to watch this! Hawke was great in this considering I've never seen him in this type of role before. He's slowly becoming one of my favorite actors. The wild actors are who really shines here though. Thames and McGraw were phenomenal and played these roles perfectly. These aren't east scenes to shoot, and they did so perfectly. I highly recommend for horror fans. I give 8 ghost kids out of 10."
56 8% Morgan (2016) - Jan 03, 2023
"I fairly forgettable movie with a lackluster plot and twist, but at least it introduced me to Anya Taylor-Joy. I give 5 blahs out of 10."
88 71% Supercop (1992) - Jan 03, 2023
"I unfortunately watched a dubbed version because It was all that was available to me, but nonetheless I still enjoyed this immensely. Chan and Yeah have stellar chemistry and kick ass in this. Super fun and super cop! I give 8 train chase scenes out of 10."
89 75% Saving Face (2004) - Jan 03, 2023
"Another rare queer film including/revolving around POC that you NEED to see. Especially for being made in 2004, this really holds up and feels relevant and relatable as hell. Not perfect and maybe not for everyone especially if you're not into the romance genre, but pretty damn good. I love Wu's other queer film as well, so I can't wait to see what she does next. I give 8 hot gay doctors out of 10."
98 99% Moonlight (2016) - Jan 03, 2023
"Truly a movie that has left me speechless. No words could sum up how perfect this movie is. Every. Single. Scene. Please watch this film and experience It for yourself. I give 9 beach BJs out of 10."
94 92% Pariah (2011) - Jan 03, 2023
"Goddamn this movie is so good. It feels so real and authentic and I truly cared for these characters and felt what they were feeling. The acting is all superb, and Rees shows her directing and writing skills off to perfection. I highly recommend for any film lover, but especially people in queer community and/or the black community. A rare movie that you don't want to miss. I give 9 masc lesbians out of 10."
93 89% My Own Private Idaho (1991) - Jan 03, 2023
"Waiting for the sequel "My Own Private Indiana." Keanu Reeves shows a rare performance where I actually care about his character. Phoenix is truly a marvel in this and someone I think we can all relate to. I wish I would've watched a bit younger because I really could have used more queer media growing up. It's not the happiest of endings though, so maybe that's for the best. I loved this and highly recommend for any and every film lover. I give 9 campfire scenes out of 10."