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Member Since: Jun 27, 2016

Location: Zanjan, Iran

Age: 28

Gender: Male

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90 75% Cold War (2018) - Dec 14, 2018
65 27% Gaslight (1944) - Dec 10, 2018
75 38% Asb heyvan-e najibi ast (2011) - Dec 09, 2018
89 71% The Little Matchgirl (2006) - Dec 08, 2018
93 86% More (1998) - Dec 08, 2018
95 92% Umut (1970) - Dec 06, 2018
"Remembered me an Iranian Movie "The Cow", but this movie is more intricate and complex. It wasn't an odd sense when you see these elements in your everyday life and the integration of culture between us made the movie absolutely sensible. The last part of the movie can be less. It was a little jarring."
90 75% Burning (2018) - Dec 03, 2018
"Influence of Western countries on us. They take our love and addicted us without knowing and sensing these addictions. Burning and Cutting Them. In reality, We are the slave of them and burning is not the Best choice because all in all slavery wouldn't cut or finish. It will show in the other perspective Like in my country IRAN. The movie can be less in time and has scenes that can be cut."
65 27% Everybody Knows (2018) - Nov 26, 2018
"The WORST movie of Farhadi. Full of disgusting advertisement for France and beguiling plot like a child. I can't see Farhadi's perception in this movie."
56 21% Independence Day (1996) - Nov 24, 2018