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Member Since: Sep 28, 2020

Location: Estonia

Age: 49

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51 32% Look at Me (2004) - Sep 18, 2022
"Kind of typical french movie. Plot was boring although there was many opportunities to make it interesting. Best part was the musical score."
67 56% Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (2004) - Sep 11, 2022
"I did expect more than i got from this animated film. The plot was kind a weak and boring. The movie was saved by beautiful animation and musical score."
70 61% Downfall (2004) - Sep 04, 2022
"The plot here is well-known. One could draw many parallels between Ganz's Hitler and real life Angela Merkel and even more so with Greta Thunberg. When movie doesn't have surprises, the main focus is on making the movie. And this is ganz gut."
92 90% Somersault (2004) - Aug 28, 2022
"This was Cate Shortland's first full-length movie and what a piece of brilliance it was. Really enjoyable to watch in any means. One of the best movies in year 2004."
87 85% Kontroll (2003) - Aug 22, 2022
"Absolutely brilliant debut (full-length) movie from Antal. Only distracting thing was Makeup Departments job or actors did their own makeups. Anyhow, Kontroll is the best Hungarian movie ever."
67 56% Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War (2004) - Jun 02, 2022
"Excellent war movie with lot of similarity's with Saving Private Ryan. CGI effects were a bit ugly and there was more tiny issues. For true war movie lovers."
64 51% Uno (2004) - Mar 12, 2022
""En mann" behind this movie is Aksel Hennie. Usually when one man is director, writer and main actor, movie turns to be for a boring one-man-show. Here its different and film is enjoyable. What fails is sound department but even this is compensated with brilliant soundtrack from Tom McRae and band Ulver."
56 39% Wicker Park (2004) - Feb 18, 2022
"Remake of french movie L'appartement. Well, usually remakes fail if the original movie is good and ... lets say original. So happens here. Film's space and soundtrack are excellent but this is not saving whole movie. Still watchable, though."
15 5% Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004) - Jan 07, 2022
"This was a Thurber's first full length movie but it should have been a short movie, because only 10-15 minutes of it has some interesting and meaningful development. And its not funny. Dodge this movie!"
92 90% Oldboy (2003) - Jan 01, 2022
"Excellent movie with many dark and cruel moments. I haven't seen the first movie of this revenge-trilogy - Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. When Oldboy is such a diamond then i must include all Chan-wook Park's creations to my movie list."