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76 67% 3rd Rock from the Sun (1996) - Rated 18 Feb 2024
"This 90s sitcom might not be one of the top 5 of the decade, but it is certainly on my list of "Five 90s Sitcoms to Watch Instead of Friends". This takes the fish out of water thing to a new level. It's also fun to see Wayne Knight in this, making him a minor character in two of the top sitcoms of the day, but my favorite is still JGL as we're about the same age and he was the most identifiable to me during this show's initial run."
81 79% The Menu (2022) - Rated 24 Sep 2023
"An odd comedy thriller fueled by outrageously good performances from an ensemble cast."
81 79% Asteroid City (2023) - Rated 19 Jul 2023
"The most surreal of Anderson's work, Asteroid City is a movie about a play about the writing of a play that we witness as the reality of the movie, if that makes sense. It works, but it's delightfully weird. Plus Scarlett Johansson is naked for like two seconds in the background of one scene. Toward the end I had no idea what was happening, but I knew that I loved it. If there was a hidden message, it was still hidden for me, but I'd watch again for all the quirky humor."
60 28% Frozen II (2019) - Rated 12 Jul 2023
"Not as good as the first Frozen, which I also didn't feel was a very good film. Felt very much like a Disney sequel, a la Lion King 2, Aladdin 2, etc."
72 57% The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (2022) - Rated 05 Jul 2023
"It was a quick, fun watch, exactly what it sounds like, except it has a plot and doesn't rely on cameos, so it's really like a 45 min - 1 hr standalone comedy mostly starring Drax and Mantis. It's quirky Gunn, and I regret nothing."
73 60% Sword Art Online (2012) - Rated 05 Jul 2023
"I am basing this entirely off of the first season, and not the one where they're all fairies or whatever. Significant drop in quality at that point. I did like the premise of this a lot, and wish that first season was dragged out through multiple seasons with a slower build-up. And if they wanted to explore a bit afterwards, I think they could have done a better job with the fairy stuff."
77 69% The Covenant (2023) - Rated 05 Jul 2023
"While a bit over-the-top and action-hero at times, I think it served its purpose in terms of raising awareness of just how shit we were in Afghanistan to the people who were loyal to us. I cried a few manly tears at the end."
67 43% Lost in Space (2018) - Rated 29 Jun 2023
"Just did not have the charm of either the original series or that terrible film. It's passable modern sci-fi, and the first several episodes are pretty nail-biting, but the series quickly collapses from there into something I just didn't think was worth continuing to watch."
73 60% The Final Problem (2017) - Rated 28 Jun 2023
"I personally think this entire series went off the rails by this point. And while it's still real interesting, it just fails to be Sherlock Holmes anymore. It's good, but still manages to disappoint. Alas."
82 81% Mank (2020) - Rated 27 Jun 2023
"I think if I had a much stronger grasp of the history and story surrounding Citizen Kane, I would have also more greatly appreciated this film. As is, it is wildly entertaining, as expected by Fincher."