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Member Since: Feb 12, 2012

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

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78 84% Ugly Delicious (2018) - Aug 15, 2018
"Nice twist how they organize the shows by food style, rather than location. Chang's got a lot of good company along the way, and does a good job of using food as a way to dive into culture. Definitely a stand out in its genre."
52 21% All Eyez on Me (2017) - Aug 14, 2018
"It seemed like the only concern was getting in as many facts as possible. Never mind that many of these facts were presented through wildly clunky exposition (i.e., an interviewer telling Tupac about things from his own past in the form of a "question"). Tupac is unequivocally hip hop's most interesting persona, and this movie somehow failed to capture any of that. Coming off the heels of Straight Outta Compton, perhaps my expectations were just too high. But I did love the music!"
75 78% Blockers (2018) - Aug 06, 2018
"I was surprised at how funny this was, and didn't rely solely on gross out or sex comedy. I was even more surprised that the heartfelt moments were genuinely earned. It's a solid entry in the R-rated comedy genre, once you look past the horrible title."
80 88% Wild Tales (2014) - Aug 05, 2018
"Disturbing, funny, revealing. Both fun and troubling to see the veneer of civil society brushed away so easily. There's also some really fun camerawork going on here."
72 69% Gone Baby Gone (2007) - Aug 05, 2018
"Well directed and showcases Affleck's skill behind the camera, which has only grown since. I have some problems with the story (and kind of the pacing as well) because it seemed too far fetched for the serious tone and themes of the movie. But at the same time, the story provided a really interesting ethical dilemma that probably couldn't be developed any more organically."
74 75% Mommy Dead and Dearest (2017) - Jul 29, 2018
"A deeply fascinating story with twists you won't see coming and characters that are totally surreal. I really couldn't stand the one journalist talking head though, not sure what her purpose was."
71 66% City of Gold (2015) - Jul 24, 2018
"Shame that I had to learn about this doc in Gold's obituary. It's a love letter to Gold, but also to the LA food scene that he helped uncover. Probably only worth seeing if you live in LA or are already a fan of Gold and his writing."
80 88% Jim Jefferies: This Is Me Now (2018) - Jul 20, 2018
"I just love his stuff. This is probably his best since I Swear to God. Only real nit is that the final bit peters out at the end."
63 46% It (2017) - Jul 19, 2018
"I'm a little surprised about how well reviewed this seemed to be. The photography was really good and I enjoyed that many of the action/scary scenes happened in daylight or otherwise well-lit settings. But it never rises above a very basic monster movie without anything more interesting that has been the hallmark of the recent horror renaissance."
61 40% Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain (2013) - Jul 16, 2018
"The whole intro was terrible. The set itself was decent, but not his best material. I generally like Hart's persona so I still got plenty of laughs, but I still think he's never matched his 2009 I'm a Grown Little Man special."