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Member Since: Feb 13, 2012

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Age: 33

Gender: Male

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71 65% The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez (2020) - Mar 24, 2020
"Probably the most difficult thing I've ever watched; it is absolutely gut-wrenching. It's really effective at telling the personal story. It does try to focus heavily on the systemic issues with the child protective services, but feels like it never really gets to the real bottom of things on that front. While this is overall very well done about a story that needs to be told, it's a difficult thing to recommend because it's just so heartbreaking."
73 72% Slow West (2015) - Mar 23, 2020
"What a strange and interesting film. It's got a really beautiful magical realism to it, and the decision to film the American West in New Zealand certainly adds to that. But some of the interesting thematic elements weren't properly developed or clashed with the story they wanted to tell."
62 41% As Good As It Gets (1997) - Mar 23, 2020
"These didn't feel like real people in any meaningful way and it never made me actually care about the central romance. That's undoubtedly an issue for a rom-com. But it did have some laughs and I did enjoy watching the dog melt Nicholson's heart."
48 15% The Evil Dead (1981) - Mar 23, 2020
"I've always heard this described as kind of the original horror-comedy, and maybe that created an unrealistic expectation. While there were some hints of humor, it mostly felt like generic horror schlock."
75 78% McMillions (2020) - Mar 10, 2020
"It's a pretty compelling story and, better yet, almost all involved are colorful. Some are very self-aware and introspective, which also adds a nice dimension. The direction is snappy and it keeps things entertaining throughout, though I do think this could have been stronger as 5 or even 4 episodes instead of 6."
68 57% The Education of Charlie Banks (2007) - Feb 24, 2020
66 52% Hustlers (2019) - Feb 18, 2020
"Nice and fun, but it's not without its faults. The ending really tried to shoehorn in some emotion that didn't feel earned or particularly justified by the rest of the story. But the meat of the story is engaging and, overall, worth checking out."
78 84% Uncut Gems (2019) - Feb 17, 2020
"The Safdie Brothers sure know how to induce stress. I have to really commend the sound design, which is so confusing and disorienting. Things just ratchet up more and more and more until you almost can't stand it. And, as has been said many times already, Sandler knocks it out of the park."
73 72% The Pharmacist (2020) - Feb 17, 2020
"[LIGHT SPOILERS] It's structured a little strangely, with the first 1.5 episodes focused on the son's murder and then the next 2.5 episodes entirely focused on the opioid issue. But it's handled well and presents its case well. I consider Dan Schneider an absolute and true hero. I will say, however, that the ending felt a little too optimistic given what we know about the Sacklers and how they have managed to almost entirely escape meaningful consequences despite judgments against them."
86 95% Our Planet (2019) - Feb 12, 2020
"Essentially a sequel to Planet Earth and Life, and equally good except for the fact that it's no longer quite as groundbreaking. There's also a greater focus on humanity's effect on our planet, but provides some nice optimism for how we might yet be able to save the environment."