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75 77% The Beta Test (2021) - Nov 14, 2021
"Another excellent Cummings vehicle. I feel like the commentary on Hollywood was way more fun than the commentary on the internet/social media. As with Thunder Road, the most interesting thing was just watching a deeply disturbed character try to hold it together while his world is falling apart. I don't think this quite stuck the landing, both in terms of the plot and the character arcs."
73 71% Thunder Road (2018) - Nov 14, 2021
"Really bizarre tone that is very interesting to watch. You laugh a lot, sometimes because it's funny and sometimes because it's uncomfortable, and often both. Cummings feels a bit like early Nic Cage meets Jim Carrey."
73 71% Dune (2021) - Nov 12, 2021
"As you expect from Villeneuve, it's masterfully crafted. It's very difficult to rate this standing alone, though, because it's only half (maybe less?) of a story. It's wildly successful in the one thing it really needed to do, which is make me excited for Part 2. Also, I love how clever that title font is."
77 82% Squid Game (2021) - Nov 05, 2021
"Very entertaining. I think what's most impressive is that it actually gets some really emotional moments. Usually those kinds of moments ring a bit hollow in films and shows that are this dark. It doesn't quite stick the landing and it does feel like it wanted to be deeper than it was, but it's a thrilling ride to get there nonetheless."
61 37% Ghostbusters (2016) - Nov 01, 2021
"It's an enjoyable comedy that is elevated a lot by its leads. Wiig is one of those comedians who could make me laugh reading from a phone book, though. It also makes the most of the bit players, especially Zach Woods and Cecily Strong."
76 79% Dating Amber (2020) - Oct 22, 2021
"Despite the high concept, it's pretty formulaic and you aren't going to be surprised. But it pulls at the heartstrings just enough to make you connect with all the characters. Most importantly, though, it's damn funny."
77 82% Only Murders in the Building (2021) - Oct 20, 2021
"I've never really been a fan of Martin Short, I think Steve Martin is only occasionally funny, and the ads for this didn't look great. For some reason, I still checked this out. And I'm glad I did. They nailed the tone here, and everything just works. The mystery itself is fun, though nothing mindblowing, but the three leads have a very natural chemistry."
62 40% Suspiria (1977) - Oct 16, 2021
"It's got great atmospherics, especially the sound design and score. But it is very, very simple and straightforward, without really anything especially interesting to dig into. "
74 74% Dave Chappelle: The Closer (2021) - Oct 16, 2021
"Chappelle is totally peerless in what he's doing these days. He's already proved to himself and the world that he can make us laugh as well as anybody ever has. Now he wants to have conversations with us about the absurdities of our world and culture, and I think it's a very worthwhile conversation. I understand the backlash, but I also think it loses the forest for the trees."
67 53% Black Widow (2021) - Oct 10, 2021
"It's kind of interesting how the MCU now does different sub-genres and I like the spy thriller angle here. Pugh is fantastic and all of the family drama here is done well, especially the comedic aspects. I was completely bored by the big set piece finale, as is pretty consistent with MCU (and most CGI-based action films)."