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72 T7 Andre the Giant (2018) - May 20, 2018
"Both the person and the character are so fascinating that it would be impossible to make a documentary about him that isn't good. Has interviews with everybody you expect and would want. Weird to see Vince McMahon get emotional about his death, but his emotions were probably more to do with losing a moneymaker than a great person."
66 T6 Atomic Blonde (2017) - May 13, 2018
"Theron is just out of this world cool. When she's kicking ass or getting ass, it's a great ride. Everything else is just passable filler."
58 T4 The House (2017) - May 13, 2018
"It's about as objectively bad as I knew it would be. But whatever, I'll basically always at least enjoy any dumb Ferrell comedy, and Mantzoukas just seems to get better every time I see him."
74 T8 A Quiet Place (2018) - May 13, 2018
"First things first: there are some gaping plot holes if you think about this for even a second. But as long you can get past that, this is a really good horror/thriller. Starts with a bang, avoids any tedium, and has a lot of clever devices. I'm stoked that horror has become a really solid genre again"
61 T5 Unreported Crime (2018) - May 13, 2018
"Hard to understand if the story is trying to make a larger point about (gun) violence, particularly in this specific setting, or if that's just sort of a coincidence. Well directed and constructed, but I think Kench shines more when the subject is less dramatic"
77 T9 Wild Wild Country (2018) - May 11, 2018
"Just gets better as it goes. This is a weirdly forgotten story, despite being a big enough story that Johnny Carson cracked wise about it. There are a couple of problems--including that we don't really get a sense of what Rajneesh was about or why people followed him in the first place and some overuse of "artsy" slow-mo shots. But damn if this isn't a fine docu-series that taught me a lot. Sheela is straight wild"
62 T5 Hey Dude (1989) - May 09, 2018
"Christine Taylor was my very first crush in life"
82 T10 John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City (2018) - May 09, 2018
"I think this solidifies Mulaney as the top working stand-up today. His style is unlike anybody else and his sets don't have any lulls. Great stuff. "
71 T7 The Honeymoon Stand-Up Special (2018) - May 03, 2018
"I like how the last few years has seen a lot of experimentation with form in comedy specials. Moshe's section is weak, Natasha's is pretty good. But it really shines in the joint portion. Overall, it's pretty fresh and I dig the originality of it."