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Celluloid Junkie - 2587 Film Ratings

Member Since: Feb 12, 2012

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Age: 32

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79 86% The Stranger (1946) - Mar 19, 2019
"Welles was a real master of camera and lighting. This looks so great. The story wasn't anything terribly complicated, but it was good enough and moved along at a very nice pace. Just overall one of those movies that is very conventional, but all the fundamentals are really done well."
78 84% The Conversation (1974) - Mar 19, 2019
"Coppola's direction is perfect here. The story is told through camera, subtle acting, and sound, with basically no exposition. I think the pacing could have been a little tighter, but the slow burn does really pay off down the home stretch. Definitely deserves a second viewing."
60 37% Barfly (1987) - Mar 18, 2019
"O'Rourke and Dunaway are both convincing in their roles, but the lack of story leaves you wishing there was something more for these actors and characters to do."
67 55% Iron Man 3 (2013) - Mar 18, 2019
"It's a tough transition to go back into a world where only one hero is in focus when we know the rest of the Avengers are just hanging out somewhere off screen. But they did a nice job and Shane Black reinvigorates this sub-franchise after the second installment felt like a rehash of the first."
71 66% Tully (2018) - Mar 15, 2019
"Feels very earnest in its portrayal of parenthood. The ending was surprising, and gave the film a whole new meaning, but I don't think it undermined what came before it. Really well written. Diablo Cody's scripts just get better each time."
59 34% Murder on the Orient Express (2017) - Mar 14, 2019
"The hyper-stylized production and scene-chewing performances are a lot of fun. But the mystery is just never gripping. Poirot's logic leaps are too great and there are too many characters. The audience never has the chance to think about the questions, but instead is left just watching Poirot explain the answers."
63 45% First Man (2018) - Mar 14, 2019
"The actual space sequences are really, really amazing. But the movie seems to hardly care about space exploration at all. Instead, Armstrong's entire NASA involvement is treated as little more than a plot device to develop the family drama. It's just disappointing because Chazelle demonstrated a technical mastery that could have been built into a masterpiece entry in the space movie canon."
71 66% Leaving Neverland (2019) - Mar 09, 2019
"This doc doesn't aim to be a neutral fact-finding journey. Instead, it takes the accusers at their word and presents their story in a compelling way (but could have done so more succinctly). Certainly worthy of a watch, and it has reignited a public debate that seems very different in the context of today's cultural landscape than it did when Jackson was still alive."
68 57% Altered Carbon (2018) - Mar 06, 2019
"There are lots of really solid ideas here, including especially the sex exploitation that would almost certainly develop in such a world. But the characters were a little flat and a lot of the acting was horribly stilted, which together made it difficult to ever become fully immersed in the world. "
80 88% Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) - Mar 06, 2019
"Really fun movie with great animation (though I didn't care for the dropped frame rate). The concept was clever and executed well. I really liked Jake Johnson as the world weary Spidey, and Miles Morales was the perfect addition to the Spiderman mythos. Plus, John Mulaney is everything."