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98 97% Batman Begins (2005) - Apr 02, 2020
"For the most part, I prefer both of the sequels to this movie, but it's a very close race, as this movie is nearly as flawless as they are. On my first watch, I didn't care for the non chronological story, but on rewatches I've grown to appreciate exactly how that better balanced the movie. This is, bar none, the absolute best Batman origin we've had, and are likely to have going forward. So much of it still gives me chills, especially the ending (as all Nolan endings do)"
92 90% The Hateful Eight (2015) - Apr 01, 2020
"I just watched this for the first time, and it's not easy for me to describe exactly what it is about this movie that makes it so good, but it is just very simply, very good. It feels like cinematic masterpiece. It's beautiful to look at, the acting is brilliant and captivating, and the tension keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. I can't believe I waited so long to watch this."
99 99% Avatar (2009) - Mar 30, 2020
"One of my top ranked movies of all time. Yes, I realize there are elements in here that feel like other movies. No I do not think that in any way diminishes what this movie is. The story is still really great, and there are unique elements that elevate it far beyond any of those prior movies it draws inspiration from. The acting is absolutely brilliant, particularly with Saldana. The visuals are obviously gorgeous, but so is the music. Overall the world of Pandora is such a special place."
96 95% This Is the End (2013) - Mar 29, 2020
"I typically judge movies on all aspects of filmmaking: storytelling, dialogue, acting, visuals, sound design, music, etc. Comedies VERY rarely live up to drama when it comes to most of these categories. Of course, I try to judge them more fairly according to the genre, but even so, it's hard to give most comedies very high points. This movie is the one rare example, where it scores highly in every category I grade movies on. Brilliant and hilarious movie, and very well done to boot."
62 24% Lady and the Tramp (2019) - Mar 28, 2020
"First and foremost: Disney made the right decision to put this on Disney+. Perhaps they should have done the same with Dumbo. The movie itself is entertaining enough to watch once when browsing through your Disney+ library. Beyond that though, there's nothing particularly special about it. Being an original title at launch though, many people will have likely seen this, whereas, if it went theatrical, it would have bombed, badly, and rightly so."
67 39% Onward (2020) - Mar 26, 2020
"This didn't really hit all that well for me. I thought the idea was great, and the cast obviously drew me in, being an MCU fan, but for me, it never felt like they went far enough into the fantasy element. It always felt a bit too "modern" for me, not adventurous enough, and the humor felt forced at times. Good idea, but I just don't think they took advantage of it in the right way. Lower tier Pixar for me, similar in quality to Ratatouille."
47 8% Dumbo (2019) - Mar 24, 2020
"I just... didn't care. Like, I mean I guess I could say the visuals are decent, but again... just didn't care. I was so bored out of my mind with this one. "
74 61% A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019) - Mar 15, 2020
"Tom Hanks did a great job bringing Mr Rogers to life. Even though he wasn't a perfect fit for the look or even the voice, somehow he captured the performance spot on. That being said, I unfortunately didn't care enough about the main character writing the story on Mr. Rogers. Sure his story is one many can relate to, and it brings together the themes of Mr. Rogers, but something about that side of the story just didn't interest me a whole lot. "
57 16% Ghost Town (2008) - Mar 14, 2020
"It's not a bad movie, exactly, but it's not stand out great either. I enjoy the premise, and Ricky Gervais brings a unique perspective to this type of story, but ultimately there's just not a whole lot to this that makes it stand out. It's something I wouldn't mind watching again, but it's just a bit below par as comedies go. For Gervais, it's similar in quality to The Invention of Lying."
69 46% The Call of the Wild (2020) - Mar 13, 2020
"I noticed a lot of people complaining about the CGI, mostly those who had seen the trailer and not the movie. I actually think this is a justified use of a CGI animal. They wanted the dog to have more human-like expression to it, to sort of give the audience a closer look inside its head, and animating it in CGI was important to achieving that characterization. I think it's a fairly enjoyable movie, and Harrison Ford is good in it. Not sure I liked it enough to see it again, though."