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47% Flamin' Hot (2023) - Rated 08 Jun 2023
""Flamin' Hot" captivates with charismatic performances from Jesse Garcia and Annie Gonzalez, radiating authenticity and emotional intensity. The film benefits from Eva Longoria's confident direction and her intimate understanding of Chicano culture. However, the exploration of the product's business side lacks depth, and the screenplay struggles to consistently maintain the viewer's interest, resulting in a rushed portrayal of the protagonist's early life."
75% The Flash (2023) - Rated 08 Jun 2023
""The Flash" is a standout offering from DC, with a masterful handling of time travel and intersecting timelines, engaging narrative, and a balanced tone of humor and heart. However, the inconsistent CGI, heavy reliance on references to past DC films, and fan-service cameos detract from the overall experience. Additionally, the controversy surrounding lead actor Ezra Miller casts a shadow over the film."
25% Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (2023) - Rated 08 Jun 2023
""Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts" successfully embraces a new direction, focusing on character development and introducing likable new characters, but lacks the humor of Michael Bay's movies and feels repetitive with retreaded story elements from previous installments."
75% Kidnapped (2023) - Rated 08 Jun 2023
""Kidnapped" brilliantly intertwines a family's personal tragedy with Italy's sociopolitical upheaval, creating a visually stunning and profound story. The nuanced exploration of religion and cultural identity adds depth to the narrative. While the film tackles complex themes, its breadth can occasionally result in confusion and a lack of coherence, and not all performances are as compelling as Paolo Pierobon's portrayal of Pope Pius IX."
5% Talchul: Project Silence (2023) - Rated 08 Jun 2023
""Project Silence" presents an intriguing premise and atmospheric tension with its disaster setup. Director Kim Tae-gon shows ambition in blending multiple genres and creating a massive, high-stakes narrative. However, the subpar visual effects, underdeveloped characters, and flawed narrative logic hinder the film's potential, leading to a less satisfying viewing experience."
47% Geomijip (2023) - Rated 08 Jun 2023
""Cobweb" is an engaging exploration of the filmmaker's dilemma and the dark side of the film industry, with layered storytelling and rich visuals. The performances, especially by Song Kang-ho, are compelling, portraying the obsessive world of filmmakers. The film's cultural and temporal setting offers a refreshing perspective, although the narrative structure and runtime may be challenging for some viewers to follow."
75% Perfect Days (2023) - Rated 08 Jun 2023
""Perfect Days" is a stunningly profound film that explores the beauty of life's daily repetitions and the power of mindfulness. Koji Yakusho delivers an exquisite performance, exemplifying dignity and contentment. The film's minimalistic approach, thoughtful writing, and clever cinematography create a serene atmosphere, although some viewers may find the slow pace and introspective themes less engaging."
75% Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) - Rated 08 Jun 2023
""Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" is a visually stunning triumph in animation, with compelling storytelling and enriched character dynamics. The film's innovative animation style and diverse cast of Spider-People contribute to a unique cinematic experience. However, moments of frantic animation and an overabundance of Easter eggs and meta jokes can be distracting, occasionally detracting from the emotional resonance and pacing of the film."
25% The Boogeyman (2023) - Rated 08 Jun 2023
""The Boogeyman" shines in its deeply human storytelling and strong performances, especially from Sophie Thatcher as Sadie. The film effectively explores familial grief and blends emotional depth with atmospheric tension. However, the horror elements may not live up to expectations, and the PG-13 rating and slow-burn narrative could leave some viewers wanting more. The plot also has logical inconsistencies that may disrupt engagement."
25% Los delincuentes (2023) - Rated 08 Jun 2023
""The Delinquents" offers a refreshing and stylish take on the heist genre, with impressive performances and extraordinary cinematography. The film's existential themes and stunning visuals create a captivating backdrop. However, its excessive length, slow pacing, and self-indulgence hinder its potential, leading to a less satisfying climax and a loss of initial spark."