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89 92% The Banana Splits Movie (2019) - Rated 22 Jun 2024
"Even with a lot of small shortcomings (and predictability, if you're genre-savvy), this is a feel-good romp that has everything and never doubts itself. Under scrutiny it's probably only above-average, and certainly takes longer to set up than it should, but once it gets going it accelerates exponentially to an extremely satisfying ending."
100 97% I Saw the TV Glow (2024) - Rated 19 Jun 2024
"sleep Also has Her Nightclub (it's a bar just over the Canadian border, near The Roadhouse)"
56 70% WandaVision (2021) - Rated 11 Jun 2024
89 92% You'll Never Find Me (2023) - Rated 11 Jun 2024
"A candle-slow burn that draws its tension tight and then suspends it, pulling tighter, and tighter, and tighter, until it frays in a violent cacophony; all the while, my god, the aural+visual textures are saturated so, so thiccly. The ending is a little weak, but only when compared to the journey."
78 85% The Andy Baker Tape (2021) - Rated 11 Jun 2024
"This barebones found-footage/handcam-horror is one of the best I've seen, which is doubly impressive as it's also the first feature-length film for this director and his co-screenwriter."
44 63% Suitable Flesh (2023) - Rated 11 Jun 2024
"I found the transference special effects just a little too flashy and the sex not nearly horny enough, but the gore is fantastic for this small story, and they really let loose at the end (though I had hoped they would go completely off the rails)."
89 92% Palm Springs (2020) - Rated 11 Jun 2024
33 53% The Resurrected (1992) - Rated 11 Jun 2024
"One of the best translations of a Lovecraft story to the screen, and probably would have hit hard back in the day, but everything else about it is perfectly average."
78 85% Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (2024) - Rated 29 May 2024