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78 T9 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) - 04 Jun 2017
"It's not as tightly constructed as the first and is considerably easier to pick holes in, particularly in the final act where a rush to cram in action and character development lead to some clumsy moments. But most jokes land, it looks great and is a shit load of fun. I know I'll watch again countless times and look forward to Vol.3."
58 T5 Black Gunn Black Gunn (1972) - 29 Mar 2013
"Hilariously funky blaxploitation blast! There's enough material here to fill about 40 minutes at most, but bless'em they stretch this badass motherfucker out for a near 110 super-fly minutes."
51 T5 A United Kingdom A United Kingdom (2016) - 26 Nov 2017
"Oyelowo and Pike do fine and it's essentially an interesting story; although neither screenplay or director do enough with it. The love and political plotlines work fine together, but both feel truncated and lightweight in what is little more than an expensive made-for-TV movie. Asante has an eye for a good shot it has to be said, but despite being generally likeable 'A United Kingdom' is too toothless and undramatic to make the impact it clearly wants to."
75 T8 Alien: Covenant Alien: Covenant (2017) - 22 Sep 2017
"I get all the problems with it and why many didn't enjoy it. Overly linear, with idiotic character decisions, a basic screenplay and a plot that admittedly takes away from Ridleys original masterpiece. But I absolutely didn't care because I enjoyed it so much. Looks utterly beautiful, action was great and Fassbender and Waterston are both fantastic."
76 T8 Sing Street Sing Street (2016) - 28 Jan 2017
"Carney's story is pretty basic and perfunctory and in all honestly wouldn't look out of place in a much lesser film, so it's credit to him that everything else in 'Sing Street' is so on-point that it's not an issue. The music is good, the casting is spot on, the performances admirable and it's stylish too. A grown up take on a teenage story with some real nuggets of excellence strewn throughout."
86 T10 Tekkonkinkreet Tekkonkinkreet (2006) - 19 May 2014
"The broad strokes of the storytelling is a slightly mixed blessing; leaving an intriguing amount for the viewer to interpret, but also admittedly dabbling in the incomprensible a little too freely. Beyond this though there is true genius. The animation is jaw-droppingly beautiful and effective. The voice acting (Japanese) is perfect and the characters are facinating. It's greatest strength though is its emotional pull and the endearingly relatable relationship between Kuro and Shiro. Supurb."
65 T6 Wonder Woman Wonder Woman (2017) - 10 Oct 2017
"Very likeable. Gadot is perfect for the role and nails it, and Pine plays the charming foil very well. It's restricted by its conventional final act, an uninteresting villain, disposable support characters who never get disposed of, and a fairly hokey screenplay. Action is fun though, bar the CGI messy and weightless final battle. It's comfortably the DCEU's best effort however, if not quite living up to its hype."
95 T10 Blade Runner 2049 Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - 21 Oct 2017
"Absolutely incredible. Thematically and stylistically consistent with Scotts masterpiece, but also something special in its own right. The pacing and editing are so beautifully measured and deliberate. The whole film; its concepts, characters and created world are given the time they need to breathe and to intensify. Mix in a perfectly cast Gosling, a badass Sylvia Hoeks, jaw dropping visuals and sound, and this is 2017's best. Way beyond expectations and all credit to Villeneuve."
95 T10 The Tale of the Princess Kaguya The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2014) - 15 May 2018
"Like all of Takahata’s best films ‘Kaguya’ is a film entrenched and totally dependant in its own subtlety. Takahata commands the viewer give more of themselves to the experience the longer the film goes on, and like all Takahata’s this does ‘go on!’ A visual masterpiece of extraordinary depth and insight. Watching in the original Japanese is a must, as with most all Ghibli’s something almost indescribable is lost in the English dub. A fitting finale to Takahata’s legacy."
T1 Beethoven's Christmas Adventure Beethoven's Christmas Adventure (2011) - 05 Sep 2016
"Disastrous doesn't even describe it, but my two year old quite likes 'doggies' and so this steaming pile of straight-to-video festive canine diarrhoea managed to get through its full runtime on my Netflix account. If nothing else it demonstrates once again that John Cleese will literally do anything for a few quid."