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Film Freak - 575 Film Ratings

Member Since: Feb 13, 2009

Location: FL, USA

Age: 34

Bio: I changed the scoring system to a 1-4 scale, since I don't particularly like numerical quantification. 1 = Bad/Not recommended 2 = Okay/May recommend 3 = Great/recommended 4 = Reserved for my favorites

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74% A Fish Called Wanda (1988) - Oct 24, 2010
"Maybe a bit too long (it's still pretty short), this is how more comedy movies should be."
39% Bad Boys (1995) - Oct 24, 2010
"Skip this one and go straight for the sequel."
74% The Island (2005) - Oct 24, 2010
"Michael Bay at his most restrained, least Michael Bayish... until the second half which turns into your standard chase movie. It's well-shot and painfully dumb, but that's fine."
11% The A-Team (2010) - Oct 24, 2010
"It's not even good in a bad action movie way, which is all I wanted out of this."
11% Following (1998) - Oct 24, 2010
"Not very good at all. It's most impressive to watch Following in light of Memento, which is an impressive leap in quality."
74% Inception (2010) - Oct 24, 2010
"Pretty good for what it is, which is essentially Mission: Impossible set inside someone's head. The biggest problem is just how tame all of the dreams are--more just action movie setpieces than anything surreal or weird. I enjoyed myself."
74% Diggstown (1992) - Apr 28, 2010
"Very entertaining. Works especially well because it's short, and the central actors are all fun as hell to watch."
96% The Stunt Man (1980) - Apr 28, 2010
"Totally kinetic and crazy, every scene crackles with tons of energy. I don't completely buy Steve Railsback in some scenes, but it's really a minor issue when so much madness is going on around him."
74% Field of Dreams (1989) - Jan 25, 2010
"Pretty good I guess. It's manipulative and cheesy, but it's pretty well-shot and enjoyable throughout."
11% Daybreakers (2010) - Jan 11, 2010
"Awful because of how painfully mediocre it is. They had a really good concept and did nothing interesting with it, and it doesn't help that this film has some of the most boringly unimaginative photography I've seen in a while. The story never builds up any momentum or presents any interesting challenges, or even any decent action. All you're left with is some fun gore and a few good ideas, but it isn't worth it."