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60 44% Luca Luca (2021) - Rated 30 Apr 2024
"Far from Pixar's best but still a worthwhile watch, "Luca" takes a while to get going (the first half hour doesn't have much in the way of stakes) and overall plays it rather safe in terms of the premise and characters (the familiar structure of the script, caricaturish villain and convenient resolution are prime examples of that), however it's hard to resist what is essentially a sweet story of three underdog kids and their dreams, as well as a touching celebration of accepting one's identity."
60 44% Lightyear Lightyear (2022) - Rated 05 May 2024
"Quite a fun if inessential sci-fi adventure flick that offers engaging action, a handful of good jokes and some emotion along with the genre's familiar tropes and a few not very well-established plot points. SOX is an amusing, endearing character, and that small bit of queer representation is long overdue and very welcome. "Lightyear" might not have the heart or scope of its parent franchise, "Toy Story", but for a conventional actioner it delivers the goods and has its fair share of thrills."
0% Daphne Was a Torso Ending in Leaves Daphne Was a Torso Ending in Leaves (2024) - Rated 26 Apr 2024
"It's a collection of rather unremarkable footage of laurels or depictions of laurels accompanied by a stream-of-consciousness text that could be randomly dismantled and reassembled and Bob's your uncle, plus your typical repetitive breathing and gurgling sounds on top. For some reason, the visuals have been manipulated - via a process that was apparently pretty arduous and complex no less - in order to have a vintage look throughout: besides not seeing the point, it grows tiresome pretty quick."
70 69% Lesvia Lesvia (2024) - Rated 11 Apr 2024
"Although the sound quality isn't always optimal and some of the soundbites are chopped up so much that it can sometimes be hard to tell what we're talking about, "Lesvia" is significant not only historically, as it spans decades, but also for the present and future. It compiles the - often dissenting - thoughts, opinions and experiences of lots of people, both tourists and locals, and raises important issues such as queer archives, freedom from the male gaze, community, solidarity and identity."
70 69% Apocalypse Now Apocalypse Now (1979) - Rated 29 Apr 2024
"(Redux) Boasting powerful photography, production design and acting as well as several iconic shots and lines, it stands out the most for being committed to creating anticipation around Kurtz (and the payoff is hard to resist) and to portraying this climactic, often stifling descent into madness. On the downside, it's overlong (the lengthy sequence with the French is totally superfluous), and its insights into the human condition are hardly as much of a mind-blowing revelation as it's suggested."
80 88% Elemental Elemental (2023) - Rated 06 May 2024
"At times it feels scientifically designed to be emotionally engaging or even a little manipulative, however there's no denying the great animation and catchy premise, not to mention some gorgeous sequences and a handful of really powerful, moving moments that have been perfectly set up in advance. There's also something very potent in the will-they-won't-they dynamic of the two main characters, and the themes of familial burdens, individuality, immigration, xenophobia and classism are weighty."
50 23% Gender Agenda Gender Agenda (2024) - Rated 15 Apr 2024
"Overall pleasant, with the brevity and quick succession of comics allowing us to gloss over the weak parts. Gadsby stands out, assuming the role of the MC with suitable confidence and pizzazz (and very funny material), and so do Smith and Petts with their good jokes, captivating personae and strong deliveries. Belle brings some welcome raunchiness to the game (and a fantastic laugh), while Tom is agreeable if familiar. Ward is too catatonic, Istha is kinda beginner-y, and Alok has fewer jokes."
70 69% Soul Soul (2020) - Rated 26 Apr 2024
"Surprisingly dark and somber but unsurprisingly full of beautiful animation, memorable characters and strong voice work, "Soul" captivates with its plot, character dynamics and world-building and offers several laugh-out-loud moments in the meantime. On the downside, the last part can't quite keep up as the script settles for superficial attempts at life-affirming wisdom instead of profound emotion. However, even if the formula shows now and then, it's still a well-made, striking, gripping film."
70 69% Turning Red Turning Red (2022) - Rated 05 May 2024
"It's good fun but also relatable, and I feel it does a good job at showing things from the perspective of a teen girl. The panda is super cute, and the animation and voice work are of course on point. I can't say that the final part blew my mind (the hastily presented, obligatory rift between the protagonist and her friends, as well as the climax and resolution are all a little familiar), however it's an overall endearing, funny, engaging film with positive, mature, nonconservative messaging."
40 11% Dune Dune (1984) - Rated 05 May 2024
"The shots of space, the desert and the worms are really well done, but that's about it. It's overlong, the acting is meh, the visuals are mostly campy, the characters (except the Baron) are totally bland and some of them (e.g. Irulan, Chani) entirely superfluous, and the script is a jumbled mess that, for all its exposition and frustrating insistence on the characters voicing their every thought (even the most obvious ones), fails to make much sense and falls flat despite the attempted epicness."