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Cinema Addict - 1987 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 27, 2010

Location: Athens, Greece

Age: 27

Bio: He was born. After that, he was alive, during which time he wrote this. He's currently still breathing, a statement that could be most untrue depending on when it's being read.

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50 20% RoboCop (1987) - May 26, 2023
"Now and then in this ridiculously acted clichéfest hints of a better movie (perhaps a biting satire along the lines of what Verhoeven would achieve ten years later with "Starship Troopers") forcefully appear but, alas, are not enough. A few cool moments are certainly present (the Nukem commercial, the toxic waste prosthetics, the "You're fired" bit), however for the biggest part "RoboCop" emerges as a middling, trigger-happy, macho action flick as silly as the ones it's supposedly making fun of."
60 41% Bill Burr: I'm Sorry You Feel That Way (2014) - May 26, 2023
"A good special ranging from some great, laugh-out-loud moments to a couple of awkward jokes, with everything in between being comfortably above-par and amusing but no more. The B&W is an interesting choice and Burr displays consistent energy throughout the 80-minute duration. His tackling of cancel culture somehow manages to be both provocative and levelheaded, his attack on religion is enjoyable, and him cracking an array of gun jokes in front of a gun-friendly audience surely is a highlight."
70 67% Coda (2013) - May 26, 2023
"The animation style is interesting in its casual coziness (couldn't they fill in those leaves though?), but what "Coda" stands out for is its themes and the immediate, touching way it deals with them. The whole sequence where the dead soul experiences all those moments of life and is always left wanting more masterfully manages to capture the magic rush and mysterious beauty of being alive as well as the desperation that can accompany the fear of death with a life-affirming, bittersweet warmth."
40 9% To vankouver (2021) - May 26, 2023
"It has some nice frames and is easily watchable, however it contains nothing special. The characters never take a life of their own or manage to affect you emotionally, to the point that the effect the film has is the same as someone telling you about something that happened to an acquaintance of theirs - you might listen attentively, but you don't really care. The acting is pretty underwhelming, the editing could have been tighter, and the storytelling is characterized by an immutable flatness."
30 4% Never Play Clever Again (1982) - May 24, 2023
"By far the worst entry in the series. Apart from some really cool stunts (the multiple collision, the nun driving), it's not only unfunny and boring but also full of sexist stereotypes, racism and multiple bothersome workplace sexual harassment scenes. It could seem like there's an opposite undercurrent as the four women are proven much more capable than their mansplaining counterparts, however their cliched portrayal caters to the male audience so clearly that it's pretty tough to swallow."
70 67% Galaxy Quest (1999) - May 23, 2023
"With an excellent cast including fantastic turns by Rickman, Allen and Shalhoub and effects that hold up very well, it is a consistently funny parody of/ homage to sci-fi series like "Star Trek" and nerdy fandom that in the end somehow manages to be touching too. The writing is on point as it satirizes the bad while affectionately celebrating the good, and rarely puts a foot wrong because, despite having a slightly overlong, occasionally cliched finale, it doesn't overplay any of its elements."
50 20% Bringing Up Baby (1938) - May 22, 2023
"It starts off as an appealing comedy yet degenerates real fast. Yes, the animal action is really well done and the final stunt is cool, but the rest is an obnoxious train wreck of forced slapstick, endless hysteria and no dynamics - it's nonsensical mayhem all the time: no laughter comes out of that, just a fucking headache. And after 100 minutes of the most batshit crazy mishaps, we're supposed to believe that all loose ends get tied up like that and there are no hurt feelings? I call bullshit."
60 41% The Running Man (1987) - May 16, 2023
"The dystopian setting and the themes of Stephen King's novel are certainly interesting and hold one's attention. On the other hand, the performances by Schwarzenegger and Alonso are really bad, and the cheesiness of the one-liners and certain shots is almost too much even for an '80s film - not to mention that '80 haircuts seem to still be all the rage in an otherwise futuristic society. All in all, it's a fun movie, yet a subtler, more sophisticated approach would have yielded better results."
60 41% Jim Jefferies: High n' Dry (2023) - May 13, 2023
""Jim Jefferies: High & Dry" marks a small dip in quality after his definitive works "This Is Me Now" (2018) and "Intolerant" (2020). He is still very enjoyable to watch thanks to his laid-back style of delivery and his good jokes, and it's also nice to see that he hasn't resorted to being a boomer in front of thousands of people like his colleagues Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais. On the other hand, it's a rather inconsistent special and far from the non-stop hilarity that he is capable of."
50 20% Jim Jefferies: Fully Functional (2012) - May 12, 2023
"Jefferies is always enjoyable to watch, yet "Fully Functional" is less tight than usual and serves as a weak moment in his career. It does have some highlights, such as his rant against anti-gay-marriage people or the palpable misery of the coke wank bit, but a lot of it is only moderately funny, including some jokes that seem like rehashes of older stuff of his. Finally, the super-long bit that closes the special is rather awkward as it attempts a dangerous balance and doesn't quite succeed."