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Bio: My rankings reflect how much I personally enjoy a film and how likely I will want to re-watch them. This is why some films that I can admit as being 'classics' will get low scores as I just didn't enjoy them and I don't feel a need to try and critique them objectively here.

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60 T4 Wonder Woman (2017) - Sep 11, 2017
"Gadot is the triumph here being both radiant and magnetic in the title role, as Wonder Woman should be. Unfortunately WW comes across as an overly long retread of the first Captain American with an added Themyscira opening, and during the 140 min runtime there is little that surpasses the impact of WW's cameo in BvS which was the best thing about that film. Overall WW is still pretty good and should be a worthy inspiration to young girls who see it but it proved to be less than I hoped"
54 T3 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017) - Sep 11, 2017
"You can see they tried with this but it's too much of a committee effort which ultimately fails to get the franchise back on track. Bardem doesprovides a decent villain but he is wasted in a weak confusing rehash of the various storylines of the other films. The new Bloom and Knightly replacements don't have a convincing chemistry with each other or the many returning characters and while the FX are often impressive, Pirates 5 lacks the wit, charm and originality of the early films."
72 T6 Match Point (2005) - Aug 31, 2017
"This is a great film with a terrible central performance from Rhys Meyers. His line delivery is so bad, I actually thought it was deliberate and would pay off, but it never does so it's just bad acting. Shame because he's not bad when his mouth isn't moving. The rest of the cast are excellent and it's an entertaining dark thriller otherwise, which makes JRM's performance even more frustrating. And what's with his accent(s)? He's character is irish, as is he, but that wasn't an Irish accent"
67 T5 Mascots (2016) - Aug 27, 2017
"Mascots retreads a lot of the steps already worn by 'Best in Show' and as Guest movies go, this doesn't compare to the best no matter which is your particular favourite. However the formula still works. It's still has the same hit and miss improv humour which makes it different to most regular comedies. If you like the work of Guest and pals this is worth a watch as always."
78 T8 Baby Driver (2017) - Aug 25, 2017
"Watched this a month or two ago and came out thinking it was a 77 or 78, but to be honest I can't really remember detailed reasons why so I may revise this when I rewatch. What I can say here is I deliberately avoided all trailers and marketing footage as much as possible but couldn't help hearing the really positive hype beforehand. However my own experience was a very good but flawed action film that wasn't anything close to Wright's best efforts. Maybe a second viewing will click with me?"
62 T4 Hurricane of Fun: The Making of Wet Hot (2015) - Aug 25, 2017
"They had cameras running behind the scenes while making the original WHAS. They've edited just over an hour of that footage together here. If you like WHAS a lot, this is interesting and mildly enjoyable. To anybody else this is a waste of time as there's nothing remarkably insightful here unless you are really interested in what happened behind the scenes shooting WHAS."
80 T8 Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later (2017) - Aug 25, 2017
"Probably the weakest of the 'trilogy' (original movie, 'first day' being the others) but still a solid effort for fans of the franchise. Unfortunately Bradley Cooper is sorely missed, and while the first half of the season is entertaining it is lacking in comparison to the earlier entries. However the latter episodes of the season return more frequently to the absurd humour that WHAS is best known for and help give the series an ending that should be satisfying for most fans."
85 T9 Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp (2015) - Aug 25, 2017
"A triumph for fans of the original movie. The concept of taking all the original actors when 15 years older and placing them in prequel is comical in itself, but the series succeeds in complimenting WHAS as a lead in story that makes sense as well as standing on it's own as an isolated story arc."
90 T10 Wet Hot American Summer (2001) - Aug 25, 2017
"I must admit it took a second viewing as well as watching both series for this to *fully* click for me. I enjoyed it but couldn't quite resolve my thoughts on it first time around. Now I see it as vulgar 80s parody, with occasionally absurd and jarring scenes, yet with a great cast of likeable characters and a real warm hearted love of the genre it is sending up. Both netflix tv series compliment it further although never quite surpass it. "
71 T6 Colossal (2017) - Aug 14, 2017
"I heard a snippet about this and managed to avoid learning anything more. I think doing so helped my appreciation of the film. It's a bizarre and unique combination of a reasonably sub par melodrama and ... Asian kaiju combat ... It deserves to be seen on that alone. Unfortunately the execution is far from perfect, and this is a comedy?!? (dark or otherwise I didn't find this amusing) but other than that it's something very different and worth a watch"