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Bio: My rankings reflect how much I personally enjoy a film and how likely I will want to re-watch them. This is why some films that I can admit as being 'classics' will get low scores as I just didn't enjoy them and I don't feel a need to try and critique them objectively here.

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32 T1 Coco (2017) - Jan 13, 2018
"Take the magnificent Spirited Away, suck out most of the imagination, slap a Mexican setting on it, add an incredibly selfish asshole young boy protagonist, fill the story with countles plotholes and make it unbelievably predictable, tack on a manipulatively emotional ending that was seen coming a mile away, and you're left with another nail in the coffin for Pixar who haven't made anything truly worthy of their name since Toy Story 3."
70 T6 Hudson Hawk (1991) - Jan 09, 2018
"Everybody on screen is having so much fun in this, it's difficult not to get carried along for the ride. Everything is over the top here, the acting, the plot, the inclusion of showtunes during action sequences. When a movie make this much effort to not take itself seriously I tend to admire it, and that's definitely the case here. Hudson Hawk is a guilty pleasure of mine. I know it's flawed and understand why many dislike it, but it's got a good heart and entertains me every few years or so"
80 T8 Logan Lucky (2017) - Jan 08, 2018
"Marketed as a redneck Ocean's 11, Logan Lucky is less a traditional heist film and more a light comedy set in the south which contains a heist. This explains the much slower pace which allows for greater character development that pays off later. Acting performances are solid throughout but Driver and Craig shine brightest. A very enjoyable affair although the post heist section drags on too long. Initially I disliked the final scene but I believe I understand it now and can see it was fitting"
89 T10 Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017) - Jan 02, 2018
"I'll get the worst right out of the way, I hate that TLJ means I can no longer refer to Episode VI as simply 'Jedi'! As for TLJ itself, I loved it. I enjoyed TFA but wasn't a big fan of it's familiar formula and mystery box narrative and TLJ surprisingly takes the story in unexpected directions. It's main flaw is that there are too many cheesy gags that upset the tone of the scene taking place, but that's forgivable in an otherwise stellar John Williams score driven Sci Fi fantasy adventure."
79 T8 Michael Clayton (2007) - Jan 02, 2018
"Intelligent deliberately paced thriller with excellent performances from Clooney, Swinton and Wilkinson."
59 T3 Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) - Jan 02, 2018
"Despite adjusted expectations, Golden Circle proved a big disappointment and a really poor follow up to the original 'Secret Service'. They bring back Firth but gimp his character for most of the film, and similarly introduce a promising supporting character (Tatum) before immediately sidelining him. Why not just leave both out and shorten the overly lengthy run time? There are some good ideas here but the final cocktail produced by Golden Circle is very flat."
70 T6 Dunkirk (2017) - Jan 02, 2018
"There are a number of excellent mini reviews that are far better than anything I could write here. Visually and Aurally superb but not quite what I was expecting. I think this may work even better for me second time around."
65 T5 American Made (2017) - Jan 02, 2018
"Covering a lot of the same thematic ground as Wolf of Wall Street, this Tom Cruise vehicle doesn't fare well in comparison and fails to get off the runway as a whole. Cruise does fine as the protagonist, and the Colombian scenes were good but I thought Gleeson was miscast. Only a week since I've seen this but I'm struggling to remember too much about it which says a lot."
80 T8 Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993) - Jan 02, 2018
"Part Deux is probably the last of the Zucker/Abrams parody movies to regularly hit the mark, and for me it still holds up today. On a recent rewatch I found myself quoting my favourite lines along with the dialogue and had a great time doing so. When I learned of Miguel Ferrer's passing in 2017, the first thing I thought of was his awesome line delivery in this movie, "War. It's fantastic!", which cracks me up every time I hear it. While not for everyone, Hot Shots Deux remains one of my faves"
77 T7 Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017) - Jan 01, 2018
"With this one, Besson stepped up to the plate and pointed to the centre field bleachers. In came the pitch ... Besson swung and connected. I was enthralled as the ball soared through the air only to see the centre fielder leap and catch the ball. If you don't like baseball, this is a glorious effort that I really appreciated despite it's obvious failings. A really strong first half hour, and such a wonderful sci fi universe discovered with each passing scene. I'd love to see a sequel."