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Cinema Addict - 1365 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 18, 2014

Location: Ireland

Bio: My rankings reflect how much I personally enjoy a film and how likely I will want to re-watch them. This is why some films that I can admit as being 'classics' will get low scores as I just didn't enjoy them and I don't feel a need to try and critique them objectively here.
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45 13% Johnny English Strikes Again (2018) - Mar 12, 2019
"Better than the second movie but still pretty weak overall. "
30 4% Johnny English Reborn (2011) - Mar 12, 2019
"Admittedly I can't remember the details of this as I last saw it around the time of it's release, but I recall thinking it was terrible in comparison to the first movie."
59 30% Johnny English (2003) - Mar 12, 2019
"A spin off movie of the popular british Barclays Card adverts, Johnny English could and probably should have been a funnier affair, but the writing lets it down."
62 36% Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie (2017) - Mar 12, 2019
"With the short run time and a cast of quirky characters, this feels like an aborted TV series pilot that was released as a Netflix movie. Despite the weak writing there's a lot of decent comedic performances on display and if you're able to let the generic plot wash over you, there's worse ways to spend 80 mins of your time."
58 28% High Flying Bird (2019) - Mar 12, 2019
"Soderbergh again with the iPhone! Thankfully it's far less of a problem than the constant static shots in Unsane with a lot more camera movement on display in HFB, but there is still a low budget feel to the visuals here as even documentaries look better than this these days. Aside from that I thought Andre Holland didn't manage to carry the film with his performance in a way his role required but Beetz and Gregg were far more suited to their roles. "
61 34% Good Time (2017) - Mar 11, 2019
"Really tense movie to the point of being frequently uncomfortable to watch. That is clearly the intent of the Safdies so credit to them for achieving what they set out to do. 'Good Time' is anything but though, and Pattinson is excellent in an ugly risky role as he continues to show there's more to him than being a sulky vampire."
50 17% Den of Thieves (2018) - Mar 11, 2019
"Utterly mediocre crime movie. I hear that after aiming and failing to remake 'Heat', the original movie title of 'Tepid' was deemed a little too on the nose so they went with Den of Thieves! "
59 30% Polar (2019) - Mar 11, 2019
"An ambitious attempt to create an over the top, violent action franchise doesn't really pay off. Mads does his best and at times almost carries the film single handedly but a terrible performance from Matt Lucas as the 'Bond Villain' among other mis-steps weigh the movie down too much. I still would watch a sequel to see if they learned from their mistakes as the idea of a glossy 'John Wick meets Kingsman' is one that has potential if they got it right."
66 43% Syriana (2005) - Mar 11, 2019
"Solid but complex political thriller. Will definitely require (and probably benefit from) a second viewing. "
50 17% The NeverEnding Story (1984) - Mar 11, 2019
"False Advertising! The movie ends after less than 2 hrs! Also this movie can go fuck itself after the 'Artax in the swamp' scene and the deep childhood trauma that resulted from watching that when I was a youngster. ;-)"