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Cinema Addict - 1445 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 18, 2014

Location: Ireland

Bio: My rankings reflect how much I personally enjoy a film and how likely I will want to re-watch them. This is why some films that I can admit as being 'classics' will get low scores as I just didn't enjoy them and I don't feel a need to try and critique them objectively here.
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70 54% Doctor Sleep (2019) - Jan 27, 2020
"I watched this as the second part of a double bill with Kubrick's Shining and this may be the reason why I'm so conflicted about DS, as it simultaneously works and fails as a direct sequel which probably explains why they didn't clearly market it as such. Unfortunately, it works best for viewers knowledgeable of the 1980 movie, so it was a conundrum for the marketing team for sure. I wonder would this have been better suited and more successful as a Netflix limited series? "
0% Escape Room (2017) - Jan 27, 2020
"I only watched this as I thought it was the 2019 movie of the same name but it turned out to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The first 30 mins are mindlessly boring and unnecessary which is a crime for a 90 minute flick. The cast and characters are all terrible meaning you want all of them to die immediately. There are a couple of things set up that never pay off and the ending is utterly dreadful and dissatisfying to the point I hated wasting 90 mins of my life with this. AVOID!"
32 4% Grand Theft Auto Girls (2020) - Jan 27, 2020
"About 10 points for successfully catfishing me into watching this with a title that peaked my interest, however that was about as good as it got, as GTAG is a terribly low budget and cliche 'thriller' that wants to tap into the Fast and Furious market audience but even they won't be fooled by this crap."
66 44% The House (2017) - Jan 20, 2020
"A reasonable set up for a comedy and with a quality cast the end product is very very silly and often funny. Not the worst effort in the world, but it will likely depend on how much you can tolerate the three leads as comedic actors (Personally I love Mantzoukas who is often great again here). The climax feels tacked on and falls very flat but there are many OTT gags throughout the house that made me smile so overall I had fun with this despite it's fractured hot and cold make up."
45 13% Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) - Jan 20, 2020
"Possibly the worst of the franchise yet. DF actually starts with a logically perfect set up but it's all downhill from there. Hamilton's return was hyped but her character and dialogue are so badly written she's wasted. There are two big reveals but the first is obvious to anyone who saw the poster or any marketing, the other is obvious in the first 5 mins and confusing that they then try to hide it. Add in the worst least threatening terminator so far, and this is a weak franchise killing entry"
73 62% 1917 (2019) - Jan 20, 2020
"Technically impressive and very immersive which can draw in the viewer successfully for most of the run time. However despite worthy performances for the most part, the realism the filmmakers sought to achieve and the necessity to only show a single perspective leads to a fairly run of the mill narrative that prevents 1917 from being a true classic."
59 31% Men in Black: International (2019) - Jan 14, 2020
"The scathing press review meant I was expecting the worst but it's not even the worst of the series (Take a bow MiB II). At the same time MiB Int is a bit of a wasted opportunity to re-inject life into the franchise but comes across as if made by a committee ticking boxes with the end product being safe to swallow if a little uncooked all round. "
68 48% Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) - Jan 14, 2020
"While the surprisingly excellent Zombieland certainly left scope for a sequel, DT is a zombie like retread that lacks the spark of the original. Breslin seems to have forgotten how to act and the movie works best when she's not involved. That said most of the cast give it their all, and some of the more cartoonish humour does get some laughs, even if many story or character arcs seem rushed or abandoned. There's enough here (definitely watch the credits) for fans to make it worth a watch"
79 75% Kong: Skull Island (2017) - Jan 14, 2020
"The Kong Silhouette scene is one of my favourite visuals of the last few years and this was a lot more entertaining than expected. Skull Island is really a throwback to the classic 'Monster' movie structure and as a result it works really well for fans of that niche genre. The 'human' cast are obviously only there for scale and to advance the basic plot from action scene to action scene but it's still far better than most recent fare, notably Gareth Edwards lack lustre Godzilla effort. "
66 44% Ford v Ferrari (2019) - Jan 13, 2020
"Really well made movie all round with Bale the pick of the acting. A bit sluggish to start but the second act is fantastic even if the real life events that play out in the climax wouldn't be how I would have finished the tale."