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Cinema Addict - 1473 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 18, 2014

Location: Ireland

Bio: My rankings reflect how much I personally enjoy a film and how likely I will want to re-watch them. This is why some films that I can admit as being 'classics' will get low scores as I just didn't enjoy them and I don't feel a need to try and critique them objectively here.
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55 24% Diego Maradona (2019) - May 18, 2020
"Disappointing. Almost exclusively focuses on Maradona's time in Italy but while undoubtedly the key years of his career, there was so much more before and after his time in Napoli that I was interested in. Also much of what was covered was fairly well known to anyone who showed an interest in the man back in the 90s. "
50 18% Babel (2006) - May 18, 2020
"Easy enough to see the craft on display but this doesn't work for me as a movie as the themes just didn't interest me despite the excellent performances and cinematography."
64 41% The Gentlemen (2020) - Apr 24, 2020
"Forgot to review this when I saw it so my memory is a little faded. Farrell and Grant are fantastic but Hunnam once again struggles when he has to show restraint. I thought The Gentlemen was losing me completely about half way through but it did recover suitably and I intend rewatching in the future to see if it improves. It lacks the 'magic' of Lock Stock or Snatch despite attempting to follow the early Ritchie style and formula more closely than his efforts of the last decade"
79 75% Free Solo (2018) - Apr 24, 2020
"I don't watch a lot of docs but in the ones I've been watching recently there has been a trend to force a more dramatic narrative which is not something I'm fond of. Thankfully the filmmakers here appear to be close friends of the insane climber and their priority is visibly ensuring that their documentary doesn't distract him from his goal. The final climb does end up lacking a little hollywood drama because of this, but I prefer the more natural approach to sharing this awesome achievement"
57 27% Midway (2019) - Apr 24, 2020
"I'll damn Midway with the faint praise that it's better than Pearl Harbour but it's still a disappointment overall. Skrein understandably takes most of the flak for his crap performance, but he's far from the only one with Harrelson, Quaid and Moore also terrible. The tale of Midway is certainly worth telling but with so much of the spectacle looking obviously CGI it's frustrating to compare it to Dunkirk and think of what could have been. Credit to the dive bombing scenes though. They were cool"
68 49% The Platform (2019) - Apr 18, 2020
"An allegorical film with an often confused story that's obsessed with countless levels where the superior ones on top literally shit on the lesser ones below .... yes it's "Criticker Tier System: The Movie" ... obviously!"
55 24% Tiger King (2020) - Apr 01, 2020
"Absolutely fascinating bunch of real world characters, that's for sure, but I wasn't a fan of the way the viewer is manipulated by the deliberately blinkered narrative style just to heighten the drama. There were also very few ultimately sympathetic individuals on display so it was difficult to care about the outcome of any of them. At least the doc does close by emphasizing that none of these people actually care about the animals they all fight for control over."
64 41% The Mummy Returns (2001) - Mar 31, 2020
"Vastly inferior to the first with an overly convoluted opening, a drawn out second act and the Scorpion King consisting of arguably the worst CGI in big budget cinema history. However somehow along the way it kept me on board for the ride which paid off with an entertaining big finish."
60 34% A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (2019) - Mar 30, 2020
"Aardman Animation literally doing E.T. with the titular ovine with a dislocated jaw taking up the responsibility of getting some little blue puppy creature back to his home planet. As with the previous film I find the lack of dialogue puts a strain on the visuals over 90 mins, probably more so here, but there are still so many clever and witty Aardman visual and audio gags throughout. It's just a shame the overall narrative is reasonably bland which tilts it more towards being one for kids only"
42 11% Cats (2019) - Mar 29, 2020
"Not a fan of musicals but I sat through this to see just how bad it was ... and it's not *that* bad. A bunch of crap songs with humans poorly dressed up to try look and act like cats was exactly what the musical was, so there's nothing we shouldn't have been expecting here. Some of the casting could have been better but I'm surprised at the universal ridicule this got and feel bad for the scores of artists in front of and behind the camera who did their best but don't even get a saucer of milk."