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Location: Japan

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71 32% Official Secrets (2019) - Nov 20, 2019
"A competent, if unremarkable dramatization of an interesting story that I wasn't familiar with. "
84 89% Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019) - Nov 20, 2019
"A beautifully shot and acted period romance that manages to be both understated and intense. It manages to build an incredible amount of tension from looks and gestures alone. "
75 49% Long Shot (2019) - Nov 20, 2019
"Some elements of the plot are too silly to be believable, but Rogen and Theron are charming (and funny) enough to make this movie well worth watching."
74 43% Blinded by the Light (2019) - Nov 20, 2019
"Even as someone who is not very familiar with the music of Bruce Springsteen, this movie was quite enjoyable. Guaranteed to put a smile on the all but the most cynical faces."
77 59% An Elephant Sitting Still (2018) - Nov 20, 2019
"A slow-paced look into the intertwined lives of four people caught in a miserable chain of actions and reactions that they seem unable to escape."
83 85% Cold Case Hammarskjöld (2019) - Nov 20, 2019
"A mind-boggling journey down the rabbit hole, told with an amusingly odd structure."
73 39% Cube (1997) - Nov 20, 2019
"Makes the most out of its obviously limited budget. Some of the performances are a bit over the top, and it feels very 90s at times, but overall it's clever enough to still hold up."
18 0% Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (2015) - Nov 20, 2019
"Remember when I said Paul Blart 1 wasn't insultingly bad? Well..."
82 81% The Farewell (2019) - Nov 20, 2019
"A great exploration of family relationships and cultural differences. Superficially shares some similarities with Crazy Rich Asians, but it has a very different tone and much more depth."
39 4% The Ruins (2008) - Nov 20, 2019
"Making the characters so terrible that the audience will want them to die has never been a recipe for enjoyment for me."