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Member Since: Aug 1, 2009

Location: Japan

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68 21% Mary Poppins (1964) - Mar 31, 2020
"The film has quite a few delightful sequences, but as a whole it is much too long. I guess you can't blame them for showcasing what must have been mindblowing effects at the time. Dick van Dyke's accent is a treasure."
77 59% Grass (2018) - Mar 31, 2020
"A film about people coming together (old friends, new acquaintances, colleagues, lovers, siblings) and the connections that they try to form, sometimes successful and sometimes not. "
84 89% Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring (2003) - Mar 26, 2020
"A slow and contemplative story about human nature set before a beautiful backdrop. Many of the scenes and images are sure to stay in the audience's mind."
80 73% Emma. (2020) - Mar 23, 2020
"A fun new version of the Jane Austen classic that revels in the lavish costumes and sets, while simultaneously highlighting the inherent ridiculousness of the manners and customs of the times. The cast is all around great."
69 25% 3 Extremes (2004) - Mar 23, 2020
"The segment by Park Chan-Wook is the clear standout here, and deserves to be seen. Fruit Chan's segment is also interesting, but the frustratingly incomprehensible segment by Miike lost me for the most part. I wouldn't recommend this as an introduction point for any of the three filmmakers."
75 48% A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014) - Mar 23, 2020
"Very interesting stylistically, as the mood of the film shifts from scene to scene. The actual plot doesn't have much to it, but the settings and characters are well realized."
74 43% Detour (1945) - Mar 23, 2020
"AKA "A series of unfortunate events"."
76 54% The Stranger (1946) - Mar 23, 2020
"A pretty fun noir story with nice direction but a relatively predictable plot."
80 73% Nebraska (2013) - Mar 15, 2020
"A simultaneously hilarious and insightful story of a son trying (and mostly failing) to understand and reconcile with his distant and somewhat senile father, set before the background of small-town America. "
68 21% Gone in 60 Seconds (2000) - Mar 15, 2020
"The heisty bits pale in comparison to something like Ocean's 11, and the vroom vroom car bits don't hold a candle to the Fast Saga, but I had fun with this movie. "