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63 15% Universal Soldier (1992) - Jul 30, 2020
"Casting Van Damme as a Terminator/RoboCop ripoff was a bit of a waste of his awkward natural charm, but thanks to the livelier performances of Dolph Lundgren and Ally Walker the movie wasn't a total dud."
55 9% Double Impact (1991) - Jul 30, 2020
"I had fun watching JCVD in this double role, and it was very amusing to see how they explained both twins having the same accent, but most of the surrounding movie was pretty lame, unfortunately."
75 49% The King of Staten Island (2020) - Jul 27, 2020
"While Apatow doesn't step too far out of his comfort zone with another immature leading character, the vibe is decidedly less juvenile than his earlier work. The movie worked best for me when it reaches for that mix of comedy, drama and genuine emotion that made Funny People such a success, although it never quite reaches those heights."
76 54% Palm Springs (2020) - Jul 27, 2020
"A fun, if not particularly deep variation on a familiar premise, played by a great cast. Wisely doesn't waste any time with its setup."
60 13% Lionheart (1990) - Jul 27, 2020
"After Bloodsport and Kickboxer, Van Damme is asked to handle some more dramatic material here, with mixed to positive results. The film has its moments, especially featuring some of the side characters, but also suffers from inconsistent characterization and poor fight choreography. "
70 29% Kickboxer (1989) - Jul 27, 2020
"On the one hand it is as predictable and cheesy as you'd expect, but on the other hand it's still very enjoyable, especially once JCVD unleashes his dance moves."
59 12% Showgirls (1995) - Jul 24, 2020
"Is it terrible? Certainly. Is it entertainingly terrible? Often enough. Is it intentionally terrible? I don't buy it, but I don't think it matters."
72 35% Playtime (1967) - Jul 22, 2020
"The slow beginning and the overall lack of plot were initially offputting, but the film grew on me over its duration. The satire of modern architecture and consumer culture still plays well today. Oddly enough the film shares some DNA with The Sims, in that I was often delighted just to watch the odd interactions the various not-quite-believably-human characters were having among themselves and with their environment. In retrospect probably not the greatest idea to watch this one on my phone."
72 35% The Work (2017) - Jul 22, 2020
"Simultaneously powerful and deeply uncomfortable to watch, The Work offers a very interesting insight into a process I had never heard of before. It's sometimes hard to tell whether the emotions on display are genuine or performative, but does it matter if it can lead to meaningful positive change?"
73 39% Virus Tropical (2017) - Jul 22, 2020
"A nice coming-of-age story told in an unconventional visual style. Not always beautiful in terms of animation, but it worked for me. The characters are well-defined and the relationships feel true to life."