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Location: Japan

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75 49% Hotel by the River (2019) - Aug 21, 2019
"Despite having very little plot to speak of and being filmed in a pretty straightforward style with few flourishes, Hotel by the River somehow manages to be a rather compelling portrait of people who are awkwardly (re)connecting and moving forward in the face of personal struggles."
76 54% The House That Jack Built (2018) - Aug 21, 2019
"Is it a darkly humorous serial killer thriller? Is it a deliberate provocation that tries to make audiences question their love for violent movies? Is it a treatise on art, history, psychology and the human condition? Is it Lars von Trier disappearing up his own ass? Yes."
38 4% Outcast (2015) - Aug 21, 2019
"Maybe there's something to be said for going into movies with zero expectations. For all of its (many) failings, Outcast does at least manage to look like an actual movie most of the time, and, in the brief amount of time that Nic Cage is in it, flirts with being campy fun."
72 35% The Souvenir (2019) - Aug 20, 2019
"Difficult to get into, but not without its merits. The movie often kept me at arm's length in the way that sometimes lingers and then suddenly jumps forward in time, as if half-remembered from a dream, but at the same time that makes it feel like a very personal work."
88 96% Gisaengchung (2019) - Aug 20, 2019
"Bong Joon-ho delivers his strongest work yet, a wildly entertaining thriller that doubles as a bitingly funny satire of class differences."
73 39% Wild Rose (2019) - Aug 20, 2019
"Doesn't exactly reinvent the wheel, but it has a strong lead performance, and pretty good songs."
75 49% Shazam! (2019) - Aug 20, 2019
"A lot of heart and plain old fun more than make up for some of the weaker plot elements."
78 63% High Life (2018) - Aug 20, 2019
"A very untypical space movie. Hard to grasp, but it works well if you can get into its rhythm. Another interesting performance from Pattinson."
19 0% Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood (2003) - Aug 20, 2019
"This is definitely a movie that I have seen."
82 81% Hobbs and Shaw (2019) - Aug 20, 2019
"Look, maybe we were sitting in the front row, and maybe we were more than a little drunk, but I had one hell of a time watching this. Did it need to be as long as it was? Maybe not. But when has that ever stopped this franchise?"