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Celluloid Junkie - 3003 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 1, 2009

Location: Japan

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75 49% Three Thousand Years of Longing (2022) - Nov 09, 2022
"The various pieces never quite come together in this weird fairy tale, but it's quite enjoyable nonetheless, and great to look at."
86 94% Anatomy of a Murder (1959) - Nov 09, 2022
"A fantastic movie that still feels quite fresh. It feels subversive to cast Jimmy Stewart, with his history of playing morally upstanding heroes, as the defense lawyer who uses every trick in the book to get his guilty client off."
60 13% I Am Cuba (1964) - Nov 09, 2022
"I only watched the first 10 minutes but life in Pre-revolution Cuba seems great! (okay I did watch the whole thing, but the opening and closing tracking shots were the real highlights in an otherwise much too long and shakily acted propaganda picture)"
55 9% Morbius (2022) - Nov 09, 2022
"It's borin' time."
40 4% Season of the Witch (2011) - Nov 09, 2022
"Somehow not even the worst movie featuring Nicolas Cage as a disillusioned former Templar."
73 39% To Catch a Thief (1955) - Nov 09, 2022
"Certainly not one of Hitchcock's best, but still quite fun to watch."
50 7% Pickpocket (1959) - Nov 09, 2022
"Maybe I would have liked it more if this had been my first Bresson movie, but I'm really getting tired of his whole style."
80 74% Diabolique (1955) - Nov 09, 2022
"A clever paranoid mystery film, with an in-movie spoiler warning that keeps me from mentioning anything else."
82 82% A Taxi Driver (2017) - Nov 08, 2022
"This movie went places I was not emotionally prepared for. A masterful leading role for Song Kang-Ho, whose character really goes through quite a transformation."
67 20% Seeking Justice (2011) - Nov 08, 2022
"Sure it's dumb, but it's actually kind of entertaining to watch if you don't think about it too much."