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Celluloid Junkie - 2705 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 1, 2009

Location: Japan

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45 6% Natural Born Killers (1994) - Mar 31, 2021
"You know, maybe there's a reason that most music videos only go a few minutes and not two hours."
83 85% Minari (2020) - Mar 31, 2021
"A bittersweet family drama about the American dream."
78 63% Swallow (2020) - Mar 31, 2021
"A compelling look into the emotional state of a woman who feels trapped by her circumstances and overlooked by the people in her life. Great lead performance by Haley Bennett."
82 82% Brief Encounter (1945) - Mar 31, 2021
"Maybe at some point I'm going to learn not to be surprised when celebrated classic films still feel fresh and vibrant today, but I'm not there yet because Brief Encounter got me again."
78 63% The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (2021) - Mar 29, 2021
"Coming out so close on the heels of Palm Springs this might run the danger of being seen as a poor copy, but I thought it was every bit as good if not better. The two leads are charming and the movie never overplays its hand."
79 68% Wuthering Heights (2011) - Mar 29, 2021
"Like the bizarro version of a Jane Austen film: harsh, dirty, and absolutely unromantic."
82 82% Dead Pigs (2018) - Mar 29, 2021
"A fun panorama of modern china told in a series of intersecting stories."
68 22% I Care a Lot (2021) - Mar 12, 2021
"A slick thriller about an escalating cat and mouse game that lost me somewhere in the second half."
58 11% The Karate Kid, Part III (1989) - Mar 12, 2021
"Is this objectively the worst entry of the Karate Kid trilogy? For sure. But somehow the enthusiastically mustache-twirling Terry Silver made it surprisingly fun to watch."
76 54% El Topo (1970) - Mar 12, 2021
"Jodorowsky doesn't quite reach the same transcendental heights of weirdness as he does in The Holy Mountain, but El Topo is still bonkers enough to be recognizably his. The second half feels like a different movie (one with a slightly more coherent/conventional script), but I found things to like in both."