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90 T10 Sophie Scholl: The Final Days Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (2005) - 07 Mar 2011
"The superb acting by both Julia Jentsch (as Sophie Scholl) and Gerald Alexander Held (as Robert Mohr) drives this powerful and moving film.The interrogation scenes with them, which is the bulk of the film, are full of tension and drama.The restrained direction by Marc Rothemund keeps the focus firmly on the story, where it should be.I hope that this film brings light to this courageous young woman's stand against this monstrous regime."
74 T7 Rescue Dawn Rescue Dawn (2006) - 03 Jan 2011
"An intense and unique war film.Christian Bale's performance was incredible to watch.The way he uses his eyes and body to express his emotions adds a lot to his character.I liked the way that the camera reminded us that the jungle was as much a prison as the camp they were in was."
90 T10 Let the Right One In Let the Right One In (2008) - 16 Sep 2010
"A beautiful moody pseudo-horror story that's ultimately more about 12 year old Oskar and "12" year old vampire Eli's budding relationship and how they deal with the bullies who torment Oscar then with the horror setting the film is built around. If you like atypical films that delve more into the characters then typical films in this genre I highly recommend this film. Two Enthusiastic Thumbs Up !"
80 T9 Treeless Mountain Treeless Mountain (2008) - 03 Mar 2011
"So Yong Kim, who wrote and directed this film, gives us a powerfully moving snapshot of a chapter in two very young girls lives.Using an unobtrusive style she draws us into these kids world and show's us there perspective and how they face the pain of there mother leaving and there Aunt's inability to care for them properly.When they are shipped off to there Grandparents the Grandmother with a simple grace gets them to open up to the possibility of love and kindness.A great film that I loved."
75 T8 Broken Arrow Broken Arrow (1950) - 05 Jan 2011
"By far one of the best Western's I've seen.The even handed way the movie portrays both sides is astonishing for a movie from the 50's.Neither the Apache nor the whites are painted in black or white.There are shades of gray in all of them and most of there motivations seem real.The only negatives to this film is that the acting is a little off at times and the movie was a little slow paced for my taste.The ending is about as non Hollywood as you are going to get from this era.Two Thumbs Up."
80 T9 Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring (2003) - 30 Mar 2011
"A beautiful meditative reflection on the cycles of life.While light on dialogue this film says more with the cinematography and music then most movies say with twice the dialogue."
80 T9 Turtles Can Fly Turtles Can Fly (2004) - 18 Nov 2011
"In giving us a look into life in Kurdistan in the lead up to the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 Iranian director Bahman Ghobadi gives us one of the most powerful films about the consequences of unrelenting war I've seen.The children, none of them professional actors, give realistic portrayals that really brings out the emotional impact of there lives.The message of this film is less about the politics but about how we forget the people who are hurt by the decisions all involved made."
76 T8 Metropolis Metropolis (2001) - 24 Dec 2010
"A beautifully animated adult Japaneses anime that explores the bonds of love and friendship and what it means to be human.The only draw back to this film is that while the boy and girl were interesting characters they didn't really seem that well developed.I would have liked to see there friendship explored a little more.The ending really ties up the main themes of this film up nicely while leaving a little bit open to interpretation.Two Thumbs Up."
95 T10 Scarlet Street Scarlet Street (1945) - 17 Feb 2011
"An incredible movie that stands as one of the greatest pictures I've had the pleasure to see.The acting in this film is phenomenal.Edward G. Robinson, Dan Duryea and Margaret Lindsey give performances of the highest order.Fritz Lang directs the film in a way that meticulously crafts a spider web that ensnares everybody.Rarely have I seen an ending as good as this and as in sync with what we know about the character.Two Thumbs enthusiastically up for this masterpiece."