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Phenomena, School of rock, The loneliness of the long distance runner, I shot andy Warhol, American psycho, A clockwork orange, (Sweet smell of success), Naked, Il conformista, Naked lunch, The Shining, Children of men, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, A taste of Honey, Repulsion, Mulholland drive, Phenomena, School of rock, Valerie and her week of wonders, Arizona Dream, Enjoy Poverty, Do the right thing, Una giornata particolare, Network, I woke up early the day I died, The Cook, the Thief his Wife and her Lover, Days of Heaven, Hausu, Sedmikrasky, Taxi Driver, Libero va anche bene, Get Out, Homicide, Glengarry Glen Ross, Dark Star, Straw Dogs, My own private Idaho, Pierrot le fou, This is the end, The piano, The exterminating angel, Der freie wille, Hair

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"last 30 min or so was pretty good!"
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