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82 86% Moon Moon (2009) - Rated 25 Feb 2011
"Moon is a really good movie. Duncan Jones is a talented director as Rockwell is a good actor. The story rings very true about human nature and the path we are choosing for ourselves. Loneliness is a terrible thing indeed. The sad part is that we are ultimately alone in the world. Even when we are walking amidst a crowd."
76 55% The King\ The King's Speech (2010) - Rated 13 Feb 2011
"Magnificent performances. The story is at the same time interesting and not so much so. Well made, well rounded but if it takes the Oscar as Best Picture, I'll be somewhat disappointed. Black Swan is more original and was well made too. Bonham-Carter embodied the Quenn Mother really well."
78 66% Winter\ Winter's Bone (2010) - Rated 12 Jun 2011
"Very strong characters seem to be Jennifer Lawrence's specialty. She's a bet of mine for stardom in the future."
91 97% Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) - Rated 26 Apr 2010
"I've always loved Darth Vader, simply because he's the most interesting character in the saga. Curiosity about what made him turn was really strong. So, when they announced the new trilogy I was very happy. The poster with the boy whose shadow was Vader was great! And finally in 2005 I got to see him go to the dark side. A wonderful movie second only to ESB. So tragic... The only weakness is Lucas's direction which harmed Hayden's performance and career greatly. A pity because he can be good."
95 99% Million Dollar Baby Million Dollar Baby (2004) - Rated 14 Feb 2010
"Eastwood is a genious. Freeman's voice over is great. Swank is a very good actress but I don't think she was the best of that year. Staunton was terrifc in Vera Drake. Haggis script is so good that people thought they were all emotional on Swank's account which is not true. Nonetheless, a classic in all its glory. I have cried a lot again today for the hundredth time."
76 55% Pour elle Pour elle (2008) - Rated 25 Feb 2011
"Very good movie. I can understand why the Americans wanted to remake it. Despite of not having seen such remake I guess this original version has more charm. Several critics said it was difficult to believe Russel Crowe would do all those things for the actress, which is not the case with Diane Kruger here. I think this was disrespectful to said actress as the husband doesn't do all the things because of her beauty but because he really loves her. The movie has heart. Cynicism has limits."
77 60% Heartburn Heartburn (1986) - Rated 03 Aug 2010
"Meryl is great here, funny even. I love the soundtrack "Coming Around Again" by Carly Simon is part of my private soundtrack."
86 93% Closer Closer (2004) - Rated 25 Aug 2010
"This movie is so great that I love it despite of having Julia Roberts ( the definition of an overrated actress). Portman is incredible and Owen is on fire. The story is wonderful and Nichols is very effective. When sex in involved we are all childish."
63 9% Afterwards Afterwards (2008) - Rated 16 Feb 2011
"I thought it would be more emotional. Build more suspense. It's nice but it could be much better."
44 1% Dear John Dear John (2010) - Rated 17 Feb 2011
"Maybe I should give it even less. Amanda's character is so badly-written. Channing is a very bad actor, albeit handsome if he isn't smiling that is. It's difficult to believe that the story came from the same person who wrote The Notebook, which is a very believable story. Dear John is terrible."