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65 8% 2012 (2009) - Rated 17 Jul 2010
"Emmerich is getting worse with every movie. I hope this is his last desaster porn."
88 57% 50 First Dates (2004) - Rated 09 Aug 2009
"Not your typical Adam Sandler movie. While he has his silly moments, this is more of a romantic movie than just the silly jokes Sandler usually puts up. Just rewatched it and its absolutely great as well as hilarious."
95 92% Star Trek (2009) - Rated 20 Jul 2009
"Best Star Trek Movie ever. I just absolutely loved this reimagening of the classic Series. The cast was brilliant (except maybe Chekov) and although the story was a bit contrived in parts, the CGI and the characters, as well as the myriad nods to the franchise made more than up for it."
20 0% Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) - Rated 20 Jul 2009
"Utter, utter crap this movie. Even if you consider who made it (Michael Bay) and who stars in it (Megan Fox, Giant Robots and Shia LeBeuf) its still absolute and utter crap. The 20 points are solely for the good CGI. One of only very few movies I didn't like when leaving the cinema. I usually know exactly what to expect, especially with Michael Bay. But here he reached a new low ... even for him, if thats at all possible."
95 92% The Fountain (2006) - Rated 20 Jul 2009
"Probably the most beautiful and visually most stunning movie of the last decade. I just love this movie."
100 98% The Man from Earth (2007) - Rated 20 Jul 2009
"Small movie. No CGI. Just a few people sitting in a room, discussing an outrageous idea. But it still is one of the best (Sci-Fi) movies ever made."
40 5% Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - Rated 20 Jul 2009
"Great CGI, but the story is utter shit. Just another attempt to wholly convert Star Wars to a kids event. George Lucas should be ashamed of himself."
85 42% Meet Joe Black (1998) - Rated 20 Jul 2009
"Even if its mostly a romantic movie, I love it. Brad Pitt and Claire Forlani have great chemistry together on screen."
85 42% Highlander (1986) - Rated 20 Jul 2009
"The one that started it all. The sequels are totally forgettable, but this one is great."
88 57% Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987) - Rated 20 Jul 2009
"One of the classic 80s comedies and a great movie to watch come Thanksgiving."