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Cinema Addict - 1654 Film Ratings

Member Since: Dec 9, 2011

Location: Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Bio: I rate with complete subjectivity. If you don’t, you’re part of the problem. I love you.
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51 41% Ready Player One (2018) - Apr 12, 2018
"Spielberg goes for the high score in nostalgic references as a crowd of studio executives shovel quarters in. ...Kubrick saves the day. Lets just make movies about characters visiting better movies now."
31 9% Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) - Jan 28, 2018
"This reminds me of 'The Omen'. Because that also was a movie."
50 26% Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) - May 07, 2016
"What kind of a grumpy could hate this movie? Did they sleepy through the fun? Any dopey can tell you that this was the first Disney feature, and that's nothing to sneezy at. So don't be bashful, give it a try! You'll be happy you did. It's just what the doc' ordered."
51 41% Iron Man 2 (2010) - Jan 08, 2018
"Sam Rockwell is wasting his talents here; but not as wasteful as Scarlet Johansson's character needing to reset her curls before she can start helping out with an emergency. +RDJ was less of a penis, but they're still trying to sell you the impression that this is badass. Maybe if you sprinkle a little more AC/DC sauce on your baked potato, Favreau."
63 93% Roseanne (1988) - Mar 26, 2018
"(Completed) Sarah Chalke is like whenever a group of adults are invested in a game of monopoly, but a small child wanders in and wants to play. You try to keep up the game, but it stops being fun, becomes an embarrassing ordeal, everything breaks down and all the pieces fall to the floor."
61 89% Halloween (1978) - Oct 12, 2014
"Nude women, screaming orgasmically as they're being knifed. If that doesn't promote a healthy view of sex, I don't know what does."
51 41% Easter Egg Mornin' (1991) - Aug 30, 2017
"This is the first movie in my memory that ever scared me. I was about 3 years old, and it was a scene with a female snake attempting to seduce the Easter bunny into letting her eat him. It informed my top 3 fears today: snakes, being eaten, and seduction."
50 26% Bewitched (1964) - Sep 04, 2017
"Samantha was my hero when I was a little girl because she was a smart, self-reliant woman that wasn't a nagging shrew."
56 75% The Commuter (2018) - Jan 15, 2018
"True story: Liam Neeson came to his agent with a script that he "fell in love with". It turned out just to be the word EXPENSIVE written on a piece of hotel stationary, but some calls were made and the rest is cinema history. So don't give up on your dreams."
50 26% The Exorcist (1973) - Jan 04, 2016
"There are cocks in hell? That's awesome."