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Member Since: Oct 30, 2014

Location: USA

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80 46% The Phantom Tollbooth (1970) - Dec 01, 2015
"did not like the music (typical 70 film music i do not like), but the movie it self i enjoyed a lot."
65 15% Monsters University (2013) - Dec 01, 2015
"just as it seems to be most of the time, when the first movie has been as good as this first one was, leave it alone and don't ruin it with a blah second one. monsters inc. has been original, fun and different, i loved it, it was a great movie! but in monsters university, there was nothing original about this story, have seen it thousand of times, just with different characters, live ones, puppet or animation. have been more than disappointed!"
70 21% Back to the Future Part III (1990) - Aug 22, 2015
"now it is starting to get old, nothing original anymore....warmed up over and over.... time to quit. thank goodness for the actors, they kept the movie watchable, not the story."
76 35% Back to the Future Part II (1989) - Aug 22, 2015
"not as good as the first one, but still nice to watch"
10 0% 1/3 (2006) - Aug 16, 2015
"terrible, boring, just plain bad!"
70 21% The 13th Warrior (1999) - Aug 15, 2015
70 21% Blue Chips (1994) - Aug 13, 2015
"i do not like sports movies, but this said, the movie was not bad. i could feel for the coach and understand his actions. good acting."
78 39% Maya the Bee Movie (2014) - Aug 03, 2015
"the movie is nice and if you do not know the TV show the movie might be even very nice. but i like the TV show much better. it is cuter, it is drawn, not figurines and maya is just more lovable and sweeter. but all together a nice movie for children!"
70 21% 6 Bullets (2012) - Jul 25, 2015
"typical van damme movie..... get's old a bit after a while, but not bad."
70 21% Body Parts (1991) - Jul 24, 2015
"quite funny to me!"