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45 44% Top Secret! (1984) - Jul 07, 2019
"If I was American when Reagan was president this would likely rate 20 points higher, but as it is I just can't overlook some things, like why did they make a movie set in "East Germany" but it's actually Nazi Germany? Why not just set the movie in Nazi Germany in the first place? It's not even a gag, so why the misdirection? I can't get over how unnecessary it is and I hate it. Anyway apart from that, the jokes are hit & miss. The movie starts veeery slow, but picks up a bit towards the end."
50 55% I Am Mother (2019) - Jul 07, 2019
50 55% Searching (2018) - Nov 07, 2018
"Very emotional movie that gets all the computer stuff basically as correct as can be (except that Google Image Search is trash nowadays). The story as such feels lackluster and doesn't provide enough insight into the "villain". It seemed like we got a rushed ending just when the story could have gotten really interesting."
60 77% Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - Nov 06, 2018
40 33% The Buddy Holly Story (1978) - Sep 27, 2018
"The music in this is excellent, obviously, but at the same time Buddy Holly is made out to be the white Malcolm X or something. It's completely ludicrous the way they try to paint the" Crickets" as these racially progressive pioneers just because they have some black friends and well-wishers. Busey acts alright, but his crazy shines through as usual. In summary: Great music, ok biopic, outrageous pandering politics."
85 97% Rashomon (1950) - Sep 11, 2018
60 77% Dead Poets Society (1989) - Jul 29, 2018
35 23% Cast Away (2000) - Jul 08, 2018
"Maybe I don't like Tom Hanks anymore. Or maybe this is weirdly a dated and unfunny movie. It's competent I guess, but very flat."
55 67% The Best Offer (2013) - Mar 19, 2018
"Supercilious. I don't know why, but that was the first word that came into my mind when I was about to write this review. The movie tries very (much too) hard to set up this supposed hyper-exclusive upper-class social scene in which to perform its "play" (plot). Despite all that, I found the chemistry between actors very good, and it has a lot of charm. And, I must repeat, despite the supercilious prissiness, all in all, it was actually a satisfying experience."
50 55% The Prestige (2006) - Feb 27, 2018
"Steampunk identity crisis. Bowie was miscast, but the others did a fine job (Bale in particular hit it out of the park). For the love of what's holy though, let's not pretend that this movie presents us with a deep ethical or philosophical dilemma. Murder is still wrong."