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Member Since: Jan 11, 2009

Location: Omaha, Nebraska, USA

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92 90% Still Walking (2008) - Aug 15, 2019
84 72% The Farewell (2019) - Aug 07, 2019
94 94% Fleabag (2016) - Aug 04, 2019
60 27% The Lion King (2019) - Jul 30, 2019
78 58% Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) - Jul 26, 2019
"There’s no way for me to express it other than the flat and obvious : Tarantino is putting an Inglorious Basterds spin on this scenario like he did with slavery in Django. There’s some nuances in theme and character occurring in the first two thirds, but the finale exposes itself as such. No one would accuse Tarantino of being understated, but this is the third straight film that is a slog. Charisma and style make it solid entertainment, but subpar execution for the pieces on the table."
67 36% The Art of Self-Defense (2019) - Jul 21, 2019
"The idea of the movie is better than what is delivered. For a movie so heavily influenced by the works of Lanthimos, it never achieves the status of satirical parable. It opts into being a psychological thriller/comedy. Instead of characters representing differing perspectives of a thematic conversation, they exist as one-dimensional knee jerk reactions. Victims. So much potential, but I don’t believe Stearns was clear on his own intentions. False sense of morality kills it."
90 87% The Decalogue (1989) - Jul 20, 2019
"Dekalog 1: 10, Dekalog 2: 9.25, Dekalog 3: 8.25, Dekalog 4: 9.5, Dekalog 5: 7.75, Dekalog 6: 9.25, Dekalog 7: 8, Dekalog 8: 8.75, Dekalog 9: 8.5, Dekalog 10: 10"
72 44% Toy Story 4 (2019) - Jul 14, 2019
"Like someone opened a 2 liter of Diet Toy Story and left it in the fridge too long. Not only is it lite, but it’s flat. Tony Hale and Keanu steal the movie. The rest is a poor excuse for a sequel - which becomes obvious at the end."
70 41% Midsommar (2019) - Jul 07, 2019
"Great psychedelic visuals. I appreciate much of this in theory: deliberate pacing, the blending of real-world trauma with cult ritual horror. It delivers a hypnotic experience. However, it's a product of its genre and there's some catch-22s that affect my enjoyment. College theses, grief, or drugs justify the passivity of characters - but these feel merely featured and not examined. In Hereditary, grief leads a mother to desperation; here the protagonist follows. Exhausting and unaffecting."
91 88% Sansho the Bailiff (1954) - Jul 07, 2019
"The thematic statement is clear, but the moral standing of the characters and the emotions earned by the filmmaking/performances are complex. I think this is by design. By establishing expectations that we are viewing a fable (the opening titles) and this clarity of principles, we expect to see a fictional world which reaffirms this karmic ideal. Without this expectation, the impact of the tragedy of harsh reality wouldn’t hit as hard. I think we do this in our daily lives as well. Great film."