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56 22% King Richard (2021) - Nov 29, 2021
"Strangely off-putting performance from Smith, who plays the character with seeming intellectual condescension throughout. This undercuts what could be a fascinatingly contradictory character. The girls have charm and Bernthal also displays charisma, but at best this is one of those emotionally-airbrushed, inauthentic American dramas manufactured by the awards-contender machine (i.e. Argo, The Blind Side)."
87 80% C'mon C'mon (2021) - Nov 25, 2021
67 34% El (1953) - Nov 20, 2021
"Great opening couple minutes. I found the rest significantly less interesting."
63 29% Diary of a Country Priest (1951) - Nov 14, 2021
72 42% Spencer (2021) - Nov 14, 2021
"A couple great surreal moments, a uniquely haunting atmosphere, but mostly underwhelming and forced."
90 87% I Knew Her Well (1965) - Nov 12, 2021
67 34% Eternals (2021) - Nov 11, 2021
"I guess what I appreciate most about Zhao’s direction is the tone? Because the forced tracking shots with natural lighting don’t make me feel as deeply as what sound characterization and performance could. However, despite the lack of earned triumph over conflict or simpler/more coherent plotting that could certainly co-exist with some revisions to script, there is elegance to the obliviousness by which these bland power rangers use teamwork to defeat the antagonist (whichever is the main on"
83 68% Ninotchka (1939) - Nov 10, 2021
"First half of it I was thinking this was as great as anything I've seen from Lubitsch. The third act, though necessary for Ninotchka's development, loses the efficiency and sparkle of what precedes."
80 59% The Trial of Joan of Arc (1962) - Nov 09, 2021
64 30% Vacation (1983) - Nov 08, 2021