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7% The Eminence in Shadow (2022) - Dec 02, 2022
"A case study in how NOT to adapt a manga into an anime."
31% 1899 (2022) - Dec 01, 2022
"So far it's a mess. Most story elements were directly copied from several other stories, notably The Matrix, Westworld, Black Mirror, and Inception. While each of these stories had their own unique things to say, 1899 combines everything with no order or meaningful intention."
7% Inside Man (2022) - Nov 26, 2022
90% Thunderbolt Fantasy (2016) - Nov 23, 2022
"The story is well written, the characters are interesting and entertaining, and the creative use of puppets is wonderful. Written by Gen Urobuchi, creator of anime such as Madoka Magica and Psycho Pass. S1: 4/5. S2&S3: 3/5."
31% The West Wing (1999) - Nov 22, 2022
"Watched most of season 1. The dialogue is usually clever and the first few episode are amazing, but overall the story is very cheesy and overly theatrical. The plot twists are foreshadowed so heavily they become a joke. And whenever a relevant political issue arises the smart writing morphs into some of the worst moral arguments I have ever seen."
64% La Femme Nikita (1990) - Nov 19, 2022
31% All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) - Nov 10, 2022
"2.5 hours of people suffering and dying, with no plot to hold it together and not enough focus on the characters to make us care. It is a well made movie which manages to convey the chaos and meaninglessness of war, but it verges on suffer-porn and doesn't have anything you haven't already seen in other, better, movies."
98% Nichijou (2011) - Nov 06, 2022
"Funniest show I've ever seen, anime or otherwise."
31% Pop Team Epic (2018) - Oct 12, 2022
"One of these shows where you can't tell if it's terrible on purpose or just terrible. It's an endless string of shitposts, so it can be funny if you're into that kind of humor."
64% Naruto: Shippûden (2007) - Oct 12, 2022