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Movie Buff - 131 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 12, 2021

Location: USA

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91% Do Not Reply (2019) - Apr 27, 2021
"Real dumb, but consistently very entertaining."
24% Tonight She Comes (2016) - Apr 27, 2021
"Constantly teases you with the promise of going in an interesting direction, only to not. Mostly just very stupid."
8% Within (2016) - Apr 27, 2021
70% Chronicle (2012) - Apr 27, 2021
"Pretty fun found-footage superhero movie, with an enjoyable if predictable plot and cast."
45% Darlin' (2019) - Apr 27, 2021
"Engaging for the most part, but fails to bring together disparate plot threads in a satisfying manner. Probably would have been more interesting as a standalone feral child story than it is as a sequel to The Woman."
24% Before the Fire (2020) - Apr 27, 2021
"Going too heavy on exposition is a mistake a lot of films fall into, but this goes the opposite route by just seeming to give very little information about what is happening or what characters' motivations are. Luckily, it's easy for audiences to fill in the gaps themselves because this is a very rote apocalypse story that hits most of the cliches without any twist."
24% Come Play (2020) - Apr 27, 2021
"Basically the Babadook but worse and from the POV of the autistic child instead of the mother. Doesn't ever do a very effective job of building tension for a horror movie. Not terrible but you can certainly find something better to watch."
45% The Toll (2020) - Apr 27, 2021
"Almost certainly this was originally going to be called "The Toll Man" before the trend of Slenderman knockoffs died out in film. An interesting setup playing on straightforward themes of paranoia and mistrust are largely wasted in the latter half after the movie gets too into exposition. Still works out to be okay overall."
70% The Woman (2011) - Apr 27, 2021
8% 13 Hours in a Warehouse (2008) - Apr 27, 2021
"Someone had the bright idea to make Reservoir Dogs, but a horror movie. That person's mistake was to make every part of the movie bad."