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60 T3 The Ten Commandments (1956) - Apr 19, 2018
"Its staginess often has un unexpected comical effect. This is the kind of movie where you can come up with a lot of funny remarks to make everybody laugh, if you have this tendency. Deserves attention as a museum piece, not as a work of art."
T1 Aladdin (1992) - Apr 14, 2018
"A typical Disney schlock from the 90s. It has as much to do with the art of animation as animal shaped cereals with the art of sculpture. But the kids will love both, of course."
50 T2 Kill La Kill (2013) - Apr 14, 2018
"My enjoyment was inversely proportional to the episode number. As refreshing in the short term as tiresome in the long term."
T1 Ren & Stimpy 'Adult Party Cartoon' (2003) - Apr 12, 2018
"Beware of this one, watch the original 1991-1995 series instead. This one is really one f..ked up cartoon (I don't know what Kricfalusi was thinking about when making it). It's painfully, annoyingly vulgar, and never ever even remotely funny, that's a weird combination for any cartoon, especially for the one that used to be one the most hilarious of all times."
100 T10 The Ren & Stimpy Show (1991) - Apr 12, 2018
"The high points are real little animation masterpieces. And I'm willing to forgive the low points."
70 T4 Frozen (2013) - Apr 12, 2018
80 T6 Mad Max (1979) - Apr 12, 2018
"I have a serious case of selective amnesia concerning this particular movie, I have no idea why. I've seen it so many times, but the only thing I remember is that it was good."
T1 The Princess and the Frog (2009) - Apr 12, 2018
"It's a pretty complete anthology of everything I hate about Disney, musicals and tasteless hand-drawn animation. At least the first 20 min of it, because that was my tolerance threshold."
65 T3 Lilo & Stitch (2002) - Apr 12, 2018
"This film is so far from the Disney canon in all respects, it's worth attention already for this. That means it doesn't have the typical Disney flaws, but it doesn't have the Disney virtues either. It has flaws and virtues of a different kind."
30 T2 Paperman (2012) - Apr 12, 2018
"As for the story and the characters (if you can even call a couple of cute faces characters), this is a very pedestrian student work. This is what an average person would come up with when asked to make a short film. Or perhaps it could be generated by a computer algorithm. But then comes the heavy artillery of disney visual technologies (artistry would not be the right word anymore) and a "masterpiece" is ready. I definitely say NO to this kind of animation."