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90 80% Inception Inception (2010) - Rated 19 Jul 2010
"(Memento + The Matrix)/2 = Inception. 100 for concept, 80 for execution. Despite some nitpicks with the plot and universe mechanics, and many pointless action and eye-candy sequences, I loved it. The core concept is hardly original but the depth to which it is expanded is very admirable for a major production, and heck, even if not original the concept is just mentally DELICIOUS."
94 93% More More (1998) - Rated 21 Sep 2009
"One of the best shorts ever. Uncanny emotional effect for a film without dialog."
95 95% The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) - Rated 11 Jan 2010
"OMG OMG, it's the SOMNAMBULIST. OMG :O :O This film is a definitive example of the German Expressionist movement. Its influences on future directors such as Hitchcock, Burton, and Lynch are very apparent. The sets and atmosphere are really something. The film may seem a bit tedious at times and often creates a sense of dejavu, but these are not major detractions and perhaps even positively contribute to the overall effect."
95 95% Primer Primer (2004) - Rated 05 Nov 2008
"The best time travel film, bar none. That is if you don't require fancy special effects and big name actors to float your boat. If you do manage to muster the courage to watch a film made on a 4 figure budget, make sure you look up analyses on the film afterward before you dismiss it as nonsense. The film does make sense but does not spell everything out for you."
90 80% Moon Moon (2009) - Rated 09 Aug 2010
"Simple but effective plot gently propelled along through the minimal, but appropriately (un)atmospheric set design by Clint Mansell's soundtrack. This is excellent, captivating science fiction."
97 98% Blade Runner Blade Runner (1982) - Rated 05 Nov 2008
"Be sure to watch the Director's Cut version."
99 99% Memento Memento (2001) - Rated 05 Nov 2008
"This is NOT merely an overrated cult classic. If you give the film a chance and actually ponder the situations presented, you may find yourself inspired to revise your philosophy of life as this film explores the nature of our perception of reality like no other. Even if the film fails to inspire such contemplation, surely everyone will find something entertaining in it. By the way, this is what the Nolans were doing before they became household names."
96 97% The Matrix The Matrix (1999) - Rated 05 Nov 2008
"The first Matrix movie absolutely sweats style."