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80 61% Dune (2021) - Nov 24, 2021
"I was very excited for this film. I love Dune. I loved the David Lynch movie. I loved the Sci-Fi original mini-series. I liked the documentary about Jodawarski's Dune. I have loved many of the books. I wanted to love this movie but there were just parts of the movie that didn't sit right with me. I felt they could have spent more time fleshing out the very deep story of Dune instead of doing another long cut of Arakkis. I wanted more information about the world instead I got shots of the world. "
60 16% The Evil That Men Do (1984) - Nov 18, 2021
"The story in this movie didn't blow me away. It is a basic revenge story. Bronson's character is a former assassin whose acquaintance is killed by a brutal doctor who works for the worst dictators in the world. Of course, Bronson's character is retired but after watching a bunch of sad stories on video about the doctor, he is ready to get to work. The setting and acting is interesting in this movie. The payoff is great and, in a revenge story, that is what we are there for. "
70 35% Bowfinger (1999) - Nov 18, 2021
"I remember hating this movie the first time I watched it but I was also 17 at that time so that might have had something to do with it. I was able to enjoy the movie much more now that I have watched it at 40. The premise of the movie is interesting. A failed producer has an idea to get himself and his crew of failed actors on top. The movie has a lot of fun hijinx. I really love Heather Graham's character in this movie. The background of the faux-Scientology group is interesting as well. "
90 84% The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) - Nov 15, 2021
"The Man with No Name is back in the final movie in the trilogy. I really love that these movies are connected but not connected at the same time. I love that the director chose to use actors from the previous movies in new parts. I understand that it can be confusing at times but there is also a level of common sense that the director expects of his audience that we would never get today. The story in this film has a bit more to it than the others. The acting is also a cut above. "
90 84% For a Few Dollars More (1965) - Nov 13, 2021
"I didn't find the bad guys as memorable as the first movie but everything else about this movie was fantastic. I loved the set up of having two bounty hunters there was a feeling throughout the movie that one of them was going to screw over the other at any moment. Towards the end of the movie you could feel a real comradery between the two of them. The acting and direction were top notch in this sequel and it whet my whistle in anticipation for the last of the series. "
70 35% Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (2020) - Nov 08, 2021
"Birds of Prey had a lot of fun moments but there were moments of sweetness. I find that DC movies tend to be filled with more cerebral topics than Marvel movies. The best thing about Birds of Prey is that it makes women the center of the whole movie. The unlikely group that comes together to form the Birds of Prey are all badasses and I would love to see them do more with them, sadly I don't think that is going to happen. It was good to see Rosie Perez back in a large role. I'll watch it again."
70 35% Suicide Squad (2016) - Nov 08, 2021
"I liked this version of the Suicide Squad. It isn't perfect but I found it to be a lot of fun. The story is on par with the Marvel universe's big blockbusters. The movie had heart where it needed to and it had huge action scenes where those needed to be. My only gripe would be that I wished that they had gone into how Enchantress was able to get away from Waller and her brother was able to keep her safe. The acting is good. Smith, Robbie, and Delevingne are all good. Davis is perfect. "
80 61% The Many Saints of Newark (2021) - Nov 02, 2021
"The Many Saints of Newark is a great movie for those who needed more Sopranos. For people like me who haven't actually finished or watched the original series, it isn't that great of a stand alone story. Even though I haven't watched all of the original series, I could see the wires leading from these scenes back to the original series and in that way a lot of the plot seemed forced. I did enjoy a lot of this movie. The story kept me involved but wierdly the Oedipal issue wasn't addressed at all"
70 35% Mad Max (1979) - Nov 02, 2021
"The original Mad Max is great because it is full of badass car chases and tons of hokey blood scenes. It is amateurish is all of the best ways. The story is interesting but there isn't really enough backstory for it to make a lot of sense. A lot of the acting is really good too. Most of the cops have a ton of personality that I wished they had dwelled on some more. The biker gang has a lot of characters too. Some of their quirks may have been inspired by A Clockwork Orange. It's a fun movie. "
80 61% The Human Voice (2020) - Oct 29, 2021
"Tilda Swinton has the perfect face and manic voice for this character. The story, originally written in 1930, takes one a lot of modern characteristics that will help modern audiences empathize with the character. While there were moments where I thought the character was just neurotic, there were also moments where I empathized with her because love has made me crazy just like her. I found this short film satisfying and I was left with a feeling of relief at the end of the film. "