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80 61% The Operative (2019) - May 06, 2021
"Diane Kruger plays a woman who gets sucked into the spy world by a refreshing Martin Freeman. I don't think I've seen Freeman in anything serious and I was surprised by his abilities. Kruger was also very good in this film. She did a great job of acting slightly distressed while also finding her footing in this role. The film does reasonably good job of portraying daily life in Tehran as something normal and not demonizing everything about Iranian culture which many American films fall into. "
80 61% Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999) - May 06, 2021
"Drop Dead Gorgeous is an incredibly funny satire. It came out of left field for me. The casting is great and even when the Minnesota accent isn't perfect it is good enough that I want to believe it is perfect. There is just so much talent in this movie that it is so fun to see who is coming next and what will they do and say. I found myself laughing throughout and I don't generally laugh that much at movies so this one really hit the spot. I will enjoy watching this movie again. "
90 83% Where the Wild Things Are (2009) - Apr 28, 2021
"This Spike Jonze movie is one of those shining examples of a movie that is great for kids and adults alike. There is a great message in here for kids that feel that they aren't being heard and act out accordingly. The whole part in the woods with the Wild Things is really deep and there is a lot of nuance there that I don't think I was able to suss out in just one viewing. The relationships between the Wild Things seemed deep but also generally easy enough for a kid to figure out too. I liked it"
80 61% The NeverEnding Story (1984) - Apr 28, 2021
"The NeverEnding Story was a staple of my childhood. I remember first watching the movie at Catholic school as a treat before winter break. This may be one of the first sci-fi stories that I was aware of that had a black character. This story spoke to me especially because I didn't really fit in at my school and I loved to read. Going back to this movie almost forty years later is cool. I can see some of the cracks but it's still a great story with tons of character and adventure. "
60 15% Fool's Gold (2008) - Apr 27, 2021
"Fool's Gold has some cute parts to it that make it a fun date movie for people who don't have similar tastes in movies. McCanaughey is charming as always. Hudson does a reasonable job of being beautiful and strong. The father daughter story told through Sutherland and Dziena was messy and probably could have been left out to make the relationship stronger between the two main characters. Kevin Hart as the gangster hip-hop star is some of the worst casting I've ever seen. It's not great or bad. "
60 15% Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) - Apr 26, 2021
"Coming off of Kong: Skull Island I was excited to see this movie but this movie had so little information about the monsters. I don't give two shits about the people and their pathos - it's boring. I want to know more about the monsters and this movie didn't give me that. I loved seeing Millie Bobby Brown and Bradley Whitford. Kyle Chandler was terrible and I'm actually scared who the leading man is going to be in the Kong vs. Godzilla movie. I don't think I'll watch this one again. "
80 61% The Exorcist (1973) - Apr 26, 2021
"The Exorcist is a classic horror film and it holds up pretty well. The story is at times about Jason Miller, a priest who has lost his faith, and Ellen Burstyn, who is the mother of Linda Blair. Blair's character is the possessed in this movie. The most shocking parts of this movie are bland in this day and age but it doesn't ruin the feel of the movie. Von Sydow's character sandwiches the movie in an interesting way and there is just enough there to be intriguing. "
90 83% Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012) - Apr 22, 2021
"I loved the mix of fantasy and reality in this drama. The girl Hushpuppy, played by Wallis, was sublime. I usually don't like child actors but she was strong. Every moment of her on screen was powerful, even her voice over throughout the movie felt like it had so much experience filling each line of dialog. The rest of the cast was equally wonderful. Her father Wink was a flawed character but he was doing the best he could raising this little girl. I was swept away by this story. A must watch."
60 15% The Dukes of Hazzard (2005) - Apr 22, 2021
"Dukes of Hazzard was a vehicle for people to say, "Jesus Christ, Jessica Simpson looks good!" Beyond that it does have some funny moments. It's easy to tell that this movie was made off the success of Super Troopers. It's too bad that much of the humor was just ripped whole cloth from that movie but in reality what does a Dukes of Hazzard movie really bring to the 21st century. It's cute and I've watched it a few times and I'm never overly let down when I watch it. It's good not great. "
70 34% New Jack City (1991) - Apr 22, 2021
"New Jack City takes a stab at commentating on the crack epidemic during the 80's and 90's in NYC. There are moments where the movie gives me pause to think about the lives destroyed by crack but the message wasn't strong. There are some strong moments in this movie. There are also some meme-able moments (I wanna shoot you so bad my dicks hard). There is also some pretty bad acting. Snipes, Rock, and Ice-T were all generally great. Nelson was forgettable and Van Peebles has never been good. "