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60 14% Mission: Impossible 2 (2000) - Jul 18, 2019
"The story in this movie is not great but the actions scenes are fantastic. John Woo really threw his stamp on this movie. This is my least favorite of the MI movies which I think most people will agree with. I was happy with Ving Rhames' return. Anthony Hopkins seemed like a waste in this movie for how small his role was. I didn't really enjoy the relationship between Hunt and the crook, played by Thandie Newton. It seemed fake. It is a fun watch once but that is it. "
80 60% Madness in Bloom (2002) - Jul 12, 2019
"At first I didn't like the movie because it seemed like nationalistic propaganda but the movie ended up having a lot to think about in it as well. The story of the three paths of the three nationalistic friends matches a lot of young gang movies in the states. The intersection between the yakuza, the nationalistic group, and the assassin was a good plot device. There is a final scene after the credits that one might miss but I think it wraps things up in an interesting way. "
90 83% A Futile and Stupid Gesture (2018) - Jul 09, 2019
"This movie is right up my alley. I love learning about the history of comedy and I am fascinated with comedy during the sixties. I loved the way they used famous comedians of today to portray the comedians of that era; Martin Mull even points it out. I'm sure that the real events weren't as light-hearted as this movie but then they wouldn't have been as interesting either. I didn't know much about Doug Kenney before watching this movie. I'm glad he was center stage instead of anyone more famous."
90 83% Kids (1995) - Jul 08, 2019
"Kids was one of the movies that defined my generation. I remember watching this movie when it first came out and being blown away by the lives that these kids were living. I remember thinking to myself that kids in New York were off the fucking walls but I also felt left out too. There were a lot of messages in this movie that were probably lost on me at the time but are more salient now as an adult. In many ways there has never been a movie as real as this ever made. "
90 83% Spring Breakers (2013) - Jul 08, 2019
"Spring Breakers tells a different story of spring break. It might not be real but it is something that I wanted to believe in while watching it. The film is beautifully shot. At times it rode the line between artfully put together and up it's own ass and I think that it ended up pulling off it's story in the right way. Korine was able to evoke the same sense of fear and realness that he did with Kids in this bigger production. I thought the acting was wonderful. I can't wait to watch this again."
80 60% Apostle (2018) - Jul 06, 2019
"Apostle is a very strange movie. I liked it quite a bit but with some of the longer cuts it seemed to drag a bit. The plot was very cool. I like the turn of the century story about a strange religious cult that is trying to survive just off the coast in England. The crux of the story is that the cult members are running from taxes and non-believers but the true reason the cult has developed is much more sinister. It starts out slow but really heats up. I'd watch it again. "
90 83% Stalker (1979) - Jun 22, 2019
"Excruciatingly slow paced and laced throughout with thought provoking imagery and dialog. Russian art is some of the most cerebral stuff in the world. This movie was wonderful but it is a film that I would need to watch 20 more times just to figure out what is going on, let alone start picking away at some of the more subtle storytelling done through the cinematography and direction. I like this movie because it is an enigma and I'm sure I will enjoy watching it again. "
50 6% Star (2001) - Jun 20, 2019
"We get it Guy Ritchie was into Madonna. Too bad Madonna isn't a good actress. All I can say about this short film is that they made it and while it had some cool scenes. It wasn't very entertaining. "
80 60% Father of the Year (2018) - Jun 16, 2019
"Father of the Year was way better than I had imagined. The story that they told in this movie is funny and it has a lot of heart. The acting is well done. There are some performers here that I haven't seen before but I can tell that they have the potential to really make a mark for themselves in Hollywood. I was glad that they brought back some Happy Madison regulars but they were given background roles besides Spade. If Happy Madison wants to stay relevant they need to showcase some new talent."
100 95% Snatch (2000) - Jun 16, 2019
"Snatch is the perfect follow-up to Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Ritchie brings a lot of the cast back to this movie and I think actually does a better job of telling a story in this movie. The addition of Del Toro, Farina, Pitt, and Ford were all sublime. Alan Ford's portrayal of Brick Top was my favorite performance in the movie. I love the way Ritchie tells a few different stories and melds them together throughout the movie. I could watch this movie over and over again. "