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40 2% Open Water (2003) - Nov 06, 2019
"I could see how this concept would be very scary but there just aren't enough moments of fear in this shaky-cam style drama. The acting was alright. I did find that the script was better during the parts they were in water than when they were on land. With only a few moments of fear and dread in the whole film, I don't think this is something that I could recommend to anyone and I especially won't watch it again or see any of the sequels. "
60 14% Wolfen (1981) - Nov 04, 2019
"I like the concept of this movie. It isn't a traditional horror movie but it does have some horror elements. The story was very good. They could have cut about 20 minutes from this movie and we wouldn't have missed it. There was just too little going on for much of this movie, I understand this is just a conceit of the time when this movie was made but it doesn't really make a difference. I would have liked this film a lot better if they would have tightened up the script. The acting was great. "
90 83% Lady in the Water (2006) - Nov 02, 2019
"Lady in the Water is a modern fairy tale. The opening scene is vaguely Native American but the rest of the tale is unfolded with the help of a Korean woman and her mother. The characters in the hotel that Giamatti's character manages are fun. I like they way that they ended up integrating into the story. The acting in this movie is great but I question Shyamalan, a man who always puts himself in his movies for a cameo, would give himself such a large part in this movie. I'll watch it again and.."
80 60% To Catch a Thief (1955) - Nov 02, 2019
"To Catch a Thief was very good. This Hitchcock caper involves Cary Grant going after a copycat thief who is leaving traces that lead to Grant, a reformed thief. As Grant's character gets to the bottom of the situation, he meets an interesting cast of characters from his past and some new ones too. Grace Kelly plays a beautiful debutante from America who is in France with her mother, a rough-spun widower who spends her husbands fortune. The ending was predictable but everything else was great. "
50 5% Black Sheep (2006) - Nov 02, 2019
"In theory this movie checks all the boxes for me. Foreign movie that showcases culture; check. Comedy/horror movie; check. The gore was good in the movie and the special effects were done by WETA so that is all well-and-good. The story had some funny moments featuring the sheep but it just wasn't as over-the-top as as I expected for this kind of story. The script itself was good and I enjoyed the acting in spots but it just didn't appeal to me in the end. "
60 14% Christine (1983) - Oct 27, 2019
"This wasn't one of John Carpenter's better movies. The script had some fun moments in it. I'm sure that this would have been a fun date night movie at the time for teenagers or twenty-year-olds but it just doesn't hold up. I understand that the premise is supposed to be goofy but it's also supposed to be scary at moments and I didn't feel any fear throughout. The whole story was pretty boring from beginning to end. Once again, I did like some of the high school hijinx that happened but that's it"
60 14% Motel Hell (1980) - Oct 26, 2019
"Motel Hell had some funny moments and the acting was well done. Rory Calhoun and Nancy Parsons were equal parts creepy and funny. I did like some of the conversations about metaphysics in the movie; especially the scene in the garden with the hypnotism machine. I think I would have enjoyed the movie more if it moved faster. I got bored part of the way through the movie. I'm not sure what they could have done differently but, in the end, this movie just wasn't for me. "
70 32% Audition (1999) - Oct 24, 2019
"Director Takashi Miike has done so many horror movies that it's hard to keep up with which ones are good and which ones are not. Ryo Ishibashi was fantastic in this movie. He pulls off equal parts sweet dad, cool businessman, and lonely widower. Eihi Shiina, the second of the two most prominent characters, is equally as impressive in this movie. In the beginning she does a good job of conveying that her character is interesting but from go there is also something off too. Kunimura knows it too. "
70 32% The Howling (1981) - Oct 24, 2019
"The Howling was a good horror movie. It takes a long time for the reveal that this isn't a slasher horror movie but instead it's a werewolf horror movie. The special effects were really good in this movie. Some of the moments where the people turn into werewolves were really gross and scary. The acting in the movie was good but nothing too special. I'm not sure if I will make this a yearly Halloween movie but I am glad that I watched it this one time. "
90 83% You're Next (2013) - Oct 24, 2019
"My wife hates horror movies. She has been Facebooking the whole time I've been watching these movies this October. But, You're Next made her put down her phone. She was interested in the story. She cheered for the protagonists of the movie. She wanted to find the truth of what was really happening in this movie. In that sense You're Next was more of a thriller than a horror movie and it worked great as such. As a horror movie, it was better. This is the best horror movie that I've seen in years."