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100 95% Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) - Mar 31, 2020
"Rogue One is everything a Star Wars (cross that) movie should be. I've seen this movie three times now and it never gets old. The movie does a great job of starting on a mountain and then weaving up and down like a mountain range until the final moments when Everest appears. I love all of the little changes that they made to the Star Wars formula to show the audience that this is Star Wars but it is also something different too. I loved the new characters that they brought into the universe. "
80 59% Planet of the Apes (1968) - Mar 31, 2020
"Planet of the Apes is a great sci-fi movie. For its time it did some pretty revolutionary things, some of which have become tropes today but that shouldn't take anything away from this classic. Charlton Heston is perfect in the lead role of this movie; dashing and muscular. Linda Harrison plays a great beauty who is able to do a lot with a role that has no speaking parts. Roddy McDowall and Kim Hunter play the empathetic chimpanzees that help Heston's character. I can see the threads of a sequel"
60 14% Devil (2010) - Mar 17, 2020
"Devil is an interesting concept that sees M. Night Shyamalan shine once again...well not shine but glisten maybe. I thought the acting in this movie was great. Most of the movie takes place in an elevator so if the acting wasn't strong the audience would pick up on that quickly. Chris Messina was a standout in my mind. The twist was good but a little too convenient for my tastes. I might not watch this one again but I wasn't disappointed that I watched it at all. I guess that's something. "
100 95% Your Name (2016) - Mar 14, 2020
"Kimi no na wa is one of the best anime movies that I have seen in a long time. The story is completely anime from top to bottom but the characters are much more real than many anime characters. One of the qualities that draws me away from anime is how over-the-top the characters tend to be but in this movie the fanciful story takes off and the characters stay grounded. The animation is beautiful and the voice actors did a fantastic job. I could see myself watching this a few more times. "
80 59% Ocean's 8 (2018) - Mar 09, 2020
"I found quite a few moments where I laughed out loud at this movie. The caper was interesting but wasn't as cool as some of the other capers in the series. The casting was great. The only low point was Rihanna. I love her but I think they could have chosen somebody with a little more on-screen personality. Awkwafina was funny as hell. I think I like here better her than in CRA. I could watch it again and I'd like to see what they do with a sequel if they get a chance. "
60 14% The Mechanic (2011) - Mar 07, 2020
"The Mechanic was a standard action/thriller. Since Jason Statham could never play Bond, the Mechanic is the next best thing for him. He plays an experienced hit man who needs to solve the mystery behind the hit that was put on his mentor. He kills that mentor, played by Donald Sutherland, but there is still some mystery that needs dealing with. Ben Foster plays the mentor's son who wants to get to the bottom of his father's death while also becoming an assassin. He is good opposite Statham. "
70 32% Rough Night (2017) - Mar 01, 2020
"Rought Night told such a fun story. The group of women that they collected together for this film are some of the best in the biz. They did a good job of subdueing Johansson's sex appeal in this movie with that Hillary Clinton hairstyle. Jillian Bell is a national treasure and she elevates any movie that she is in. I thought that Ilana Glazer was the most out of place but I guess that is because her character was the most different. The story was fun and kept me interested in the caper. "
80 59% Mr. Holmes (2015) - Mar 01, 2020
"Mr. Holmes told a good story. I've never seen a story about the end of Mr. Holmes. It is difficult to see him feeble at times yet still sharp as a tack other times. This is one of the messages of this film, that aged people people still have a lot of offer and we shouldn't discount those people. Laura Linney is fantastic in this movie. I'm not an Irish accent expert but I thought she did well with her accent. Ian McKellen was also amazing. He fleshed out Homes in so many ways."
80 59% Win It All (2017) - Feb 29, 2020
"Win It All does a lot. It tells a great comedic story that is tight and without too much fluff. The romance between Johnson and the woman who he falls in love with is sweet. I like a lot of the cast in this movie. Joe Lo Truglio is great and I love him in almost anything he does. It is good seeing him in a more serious role. The script is great. All of the characters talk and act like real people. I can tell that this movie is an indie movie but it doesn't hit you over the head with that fact."
70 32% Arq (2016) - Feb 19, 2020
"Arq wasn't great but it was watchable. The premise is interesting but, if you are going to do a looping film, the parts that loop better be really good. This movie did not tell a good story in the time allotted. I wanted to know more about this world but there wasn't enought time in the film that they made to tell that story. The acting was good but not great. The lighting, in my amateur opinion, was terrible. I could see myself watching it again but I don't think I'd recommend it to anyone. "