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80 82% A Woman Under the Influence A Woman Under the Influence (1974) - Rated 25 Jan 2011
"Rowlands is simply outstanding. One of the greatest performances in the history of cinema."
60 41% Tron: Legacy Tron: Legacy (2010) - Rated 06 Jan 2011
"Yes, the film is at times extremely poorly written and acted, the third act doesn't work, and some things are just plain weird (the partial usage of the Inception score, Jeff Bridges talking like The Dude). But what a world it creates. The Grid is simply mesmerizing, and the film greatly takes advantage of the unique possibilities of its universe to create spectacular and breathtaking action sequences. And who can resist the retro-fabolous Daft Punk-soundtrack?"
60 41% The Rite The Rite (2011) - Rated 08 Mar 2011
"To my surprise, not terrible at all. Hopkins is great in this decent and well paced homage to horror landmarks such as 'The Exorcist'."
30 11% 127 Hours 127 Hours (2010) - Rated 07 Jan 2011
"Boyle makes all the wrong decisions here. Not to lose our attention, he uses all cinematic means imaginable which in the end do nothing but annoy. More importantly, they create no sense of the terror and tediousness, the main character must feel in his grueling situation. In a film primarily consisting of one character in terrible distress, sympathy is key, and Boyle simply doesn't create it - in spite of Franco's fine performance. A Hollywood version of the much more intriguing 'Buried'."
20 6% Secret Window Secret Window (2004) - Rated 01 Dec 2010
"And I who thought John Turturro couldn't be uncool. All it took was a ridiculously looking hat and, not to mention, one hell of a script - literally."
70 60% The Town The Town (2010) - Rated 27 Oct 2010
"Obviously, Affleck wants to depict the brutal life of Charlestown in the name of credibility and concerning the overall millieu and most characters, he succeeds. His own fairy tale character (the bank robber with a heart of gold), however, seems out of place. Too easily he escapes his own social heritage and instead of becoming interesting action with social commentary, the film merely turns into a simple action fairy tale. But a thrilling and exciting one, that is."
50 29% Love and Other Drugs Love and Other Drugs (2010) - Rated 07 Feb 2011
"I simply cannot rank it any lower. That would be cruel towards my future wife, Anne Hathaway."
40 19% The Others The Others (2001) - Rated 10 Dec 2009
""Hey! Remember that ghost flick by M. Night Sham-ma-hama-la a few years ago that made alotta bucks?" "Well, ehrm..." "Let's make it again!""
50 29% Love and Death Love and Death (1975) - Rated 29 Nov 2010
"It's not that I didn't get all the references to Russian litterature, I simply didn't find them all that humorous. Too much slapstick and intertextuality, too little of the real, heavenly neurotic Woody."
85 91% This Is Spinal Tap This Is Spinal Tap (1984) - Rated 03 Jan 2011
"A cinematic landmark, this work of fiction utilises the documentary form in a clever way. By letting its absurdities take place inside a seemingly rational world, the humorous effect is elevated to insurmountable heights. Simply brilliant. "We can't really talk now, we have to go wait for the limousine.""