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Movie Buff - 472 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jun 3, 2009

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Bio: I used to watch a lot of movies. Now mostly studying and playing Dota 2. Hope to start my spree soon!!
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95 97% Black Swan (2010) - Jan 24, 2011
"I was baffled after watching the ending of this movie. It gave me the raw visceral feeling one gets when witnessing art. The black swan was brutal and was like sucking the happiness of the viewers and filling with anguish. The transition is beautiful but psychologically draining. I felt it after watching the movie, PERFECT. (P.S. Why should a ballet be so damn intense, isn't it just dance)"
70 29% BrĂ¼no (2009) - Sep 20, 2009
"Sacha's Borat was great because it made the audience think "Wow! Did he really do that", but in Bruno even though most of it seemed staged it made audience think "Gosh! He shouldn't have done that""
99 99% The Godfather (1972) - Jan 03, 2010
"Engrossing motion picture that features some of the finest editing, cinematography and performances ever. There is a wonderful theme of family that runs through this film and its later sequels. No one is truly judged. Love is unconditional. God is the one who truly judges. Easily, the word masterpiece describes this film, but that's been said by so many...Who am I to argue? Masterpiece is right on the money."
68 20% Salt (2010) - Aug 26, 2010
"On the brighter side, if you are watching this movie as another lame ass action movie then you are wrong. On the other hand, if you think this is an excellent film with some really clever twists, then you are wrong again. Salt is a film which tries to pretend to be something very very far away from a no-brainer but fails miserably due to lack of proper execution."
96 97% Avatar (2009) - Dec 22, 2009
"Here comes another film set in the blue world by James Cameron. One of the most visually enchanting movies I have ever seen and the 3D is fantastic! When it comes to the story, yes, it does lack originality but it is nothing to be complained about. I don't remember the last time i enjoyed watching a movie at the theater so much."
98 99% Inglourious Basterds (2009) - Sep 04, 2009
"The perfect feast for hardcore Tarantino fans. This was a long wait especially after him saying that this could be the masterpiece of the decade. Excellent script and screenplay, all the actors did justice to their roles. Loved the first chapter, which was the perfect beginning for a crude, dark and witty tale. Two thumbs-up for Tarantino!"
89 92% A Separation (2011) - Feb 01, 2012
"A remarkable film and a treasure in the present scenario of Iranian Cinema. Loved the suspense in the script even though it is a drama. The ball of empathy is frequently tossed from one court to other and the director fiddles with the audience's perception of how well they truly understand human behavior in a given society. At the end no one can be exculpated of their sins."