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75 66% This Filthy World (2006) - Oct 26, 2011
"Waters wit and humour makes it easy to be swept along as he relates snippets of his cinematic journey. From the little I've seen of his films I'm rather convinced listening to him talk about films is preferable to watching them (i.e. the Kevin Smith syndrome)."
90 92% Hoop Dreams (1994) - Oct 26, 2011
"Impressive and ambitiously epic documentary. The sporting journey is compelling enough, but the family dynamics fill this out wonderfully. Paying close attention to the cut points is especially rewarding -- the parallel stories offering such a rich contrast, as do the jumps between raucous sporting events to the muted triumphs/tragedies of everyday life."
21 2% Eyeborgs (2009) - Oct 26, 2011
"* Absolutely officer, I may be tipsy but the Eyeborg is the one with the drink driving problem * Those Eyeborgs sure are little scamps. Not as funny as I'd hoped, but as stupid as I'd expected."
54 19% The Giant Claw (1957) - Oct 12, 2011
"I lose my shit every time I see that bird, every time. Just when I think I've sufficiently steeled myself, my bowels fail me again. My personal theory is that the effects man turned terrorist before unleashing this indiscriminate attack on our collective cinematic psyche."
59 29% When a Stranger Calls (1979) - Oct 12, 2011
"Just watch it as the 20ish minute short film it was intended to be (which I'd rate about 78) and avoid the bone-aching tedium that follows."
68 49% Ghost Town (2008) - Oct 12, 2011
"Would Gervais and Kinnear stop being so funny and likeable, respectively, thereby allowing me to properly despise this horribly cliched plot. M'kay."
71 57% Godzilla (1954) - Oct 12, 2011
"Atomic testing destroyed your ecosystem and made you radioactive huh, yeah but y u mad? The brilliant score and Godzilla's chilling mechanical roar make this an aural treat. They also help paper over the wonkier visual aspects that time has been less kind to."
70 54% Crank (2006) - Dec 23, 2010
"Provides an injection of dementia combined with a low-grade lobotomy - and I mean that in the most positive way possible. Something about the pacing and joyous stupidity lowers my defences, and judging by my drooling smile and mistimed hand-clapping, also provides considerable enjoyment. Witness me trying not to feel guilty."
69 52% White Dog (1982) - Dec 21, 2010
"Yep, that's the best performance I've ever seen a dog give. A great performance can force you to reevaluate the way you perceive the world. Take for instance my policy of not eating Paul Winfield. Well it's not so much a policy as a default courtesy. Still, I'm now wondering how he would taste with a nice demi glace..."
68 49% It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963) - Jul 14, 2010
"Fun, but also often rather abrasive at length. Could do with more Phil Silvers and Dick Shawn, with less overall mugging (Hackett especially)."