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90 80% The Velvet Underground (2021) - Oct 22, 2021
"Viewed October 15, 2021. If you’re looking for a comprehensive history of the band, The Velvet Underground isn’t exactly great storytelling — too opaque for beginners, too scattered for diehards, and it doesn’t have any interviews with Doug Yule. But Haynes, consistently one of the great filmmakers working today, has provided us with a truly impressive formal object."
80 37% The Funhouse (1981) - Oct 22, 2021
"Viewed October 15, 2021. This is great subject matter for Tobe Hooper, who is at his best assembling a collection of images that are authentically grimy and grotesque. Here, he’s able to run wild with all manner of freakish and unsettling concepts — the regular carnival stuff like a sad striptease in a tent is just as unsettling as all of the monstrous figures who appear in the movie’s back half — and the gradual build-up is very impressive."
60 10% A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985) - Oct 22, 2021
"Viewed October 13, 2021. This kind of misses what made the first A Nightmare on Elm Street so good, but I suppose its extremely obvious subtext about closeted sexual confusion is its own form of "real world meets dream world" anxiety and horror. There are a lot of amusing scenes and images throughout this, but they just don't have the same punch as the Wes Craven-directed first entry."
40 2% DeepStar Six (1989) - Oct 22, 2021
"Viewed October 12, 2021. Reasonably entertaining movie about an underground nuclear base being attacked by a monster. Miguel Ferrer is well-cast as the hapless captain, all of the environments look pretty cool, and so does the monster. I’ll admit I was looking at my phone for most of this. I’m not perfect."
70 18% Malignant (2021) - Oct 22, 2021
"Viewed October 11, 2021. I liked when the monster is going around doing John Wick-style fighting moves. As per usual, I have no idea whether I actually like James Wan or not, but I was charmed by this just the same."
50 4% Oz the Great and Powerful (2013) - Oct 22, 2021
"Viewed October 10, 2021. While it’s disappointing to see a visually dynamic filmmaker like Sam Raimi relegated to the world of CGI-overloaded Disney movies, at least he does some interesting stuff with the computer special effects. They have the same arch, unreal quality as the painted backdrops or practical gore of the Evil Dead movies and, unlike most of these CGI monstrosities, it utilizes a bright and colorful palette that’s occasionally quite striking to look at."
75 25% Crimewave (1985) - Oct 22, 2021
"Viewed October 9, 2021. Sam Raimi's second feature is his most direct version of a live action cartoon, an absurd neo-noir filled with goofy character types and visual gags like, for example, Bruce Campbell's cigarette smoke curling up and transforming into a dancing lady. It's often as annoying as it is inspired - a balance that Raimi would figure out by the time of his next film, Evil Dead II - but I appreciate the movie's steadfast commitment to a very alienating vision."
50 4% Bulletproof (1996) - Oct 22, 2021
"Viewed October 8, 2021. Mediocre but interesting as a movie from Sandler’s classic period that suggests a very different route his career could have taken, before his stardom and style were codified. Sandler is very funny throughout this otherwise standard action comedy and, while he utilizes the same puppy dog vulnerability that’s central to all of his characters through to Hubie Halloween and Uncut Gems, his delivery is much closer to the tossed off style of Tarantino or Shane Black. "
85 58% The Return of the Living Dead (1985) - Oct 20, 2021
"Viewed October 8, 2021. “I try not to think too much about dying.” A consistently inventive and laugh-out-loud funny parody of Romero’s zombie films. So much of what Dan O’Bannon gets right here is the tone, amplifying the steely hysteria of Romero’s movies into the realm of the absurd. This comes across in the barren sets and rubbery special effects, the pitch-perfect acting choices, and the bleakly funny climax that makes this as effective a social commentary as any of Romero’s mov"
75 25% Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988) - Oct 20, 2021
"Viewed October 7, 2021. A more assured director could really have made something out of this movie's seesaw narrative and its implications about humanity's basest desires. The premise is there for a great screwball comedy in the mold of Lubitsch but as directed by Frank Oz, its various threads and sequences feel disconnected."