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Bio: Film critic for I Viddied it on the Screen and Film Freak Central. Aspiring social worker.
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52 28% The Final Destination (2009) - Mar 22, 2011
"Goofy third sequel in the Final Destination series and an OK way to waste an afternoon. Initially released in 3D, it would be useless seeing it in two dimensions. The film's limited appeal is in having chunks of meat sliding directly at you. Highlights include Krista Allen as a "MILF", a cross-burning gone awry, and a climax in a movie theater showing a 3D movie. "
87 80% Gravity (2013) - Apr 01, 2014
"GRAVITY doesn't resemble a movie so much as a video game that has pretensions to be a movie. For a film set in space, it's very action packed. But I'll be damned if it's still not cinema with a pulse. On a technical level, it's very hard not to be impressed and maybe technical brilliance really is enough. If it's dumb, it's dumb in a sweetly Romantic way that acts as the antithesis to the vulgarity of a TRANSFORMERS REVENGE OF THE FALLEN or the banal "truthiness" of a DEATH OF MR. LAZARESCU. "
72 52% Hamlet (1990) - Apr 01, 2014
"My high school English teacher said that this was her preferred film version of the play because it preserved the Medieval setting which was integral in understanding this material. It's actually the most naturalistic of the four best known film versions and you might feel that this significantly limits the play's potential. You may also rue the lighter touch of Zeffirelli's Shakespeare adaptations from the 60s. Aside from the top-billed Gibson and Close, it's not a terribly memorable film. "