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60 34% Father of a Soldier (1964) - May 16, 2021
"There's a strong main plot line, a father is trying to find his son in the middle of the war. There's suffering, destruction, the horror of war that shows the beauty of daily life. The story is the strongest part of the movie, the execution has its stylisms, the edition has some weird moments, and so does the acting. Still, the plot in some moments end up pushing too hard the melodramatic tone."
63 40% Sound of Metal (2020) - Apr 18, 2021
"The construction of the frustration with reality after the main character becomes deaf is trully outstanding. The scenes where the character is losing audition create a very unconfortable place."
70 59% Another Round (2020) - Apr 05, 2021
"The direction is really capable of giving different tones to each moment of the story: monotony, lively, frustration and the enjoyment of life - each moment has its tone."
80 87% The Father (2020) - Apr 03, 2021
"Incredible screenplay with very effective acting and direction."
73 68% Dear Comrades (2020) - Mar 21, 2021
"The workers of a small town in the USSR go on strike, this causes a great turmoil within their community and the communist party. The government is ready to contain any display of discontent with violence. All the narrative is presented, mostly, with very sober scenes and dialogues. The story develops organically. The only point that is questionable is Viktor's unreasonable affection towards Lyuda (to a point that he takes excessive risks)."
45 11% The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020) - Mar 20, 2021
"I personally can't take caricaturesque representations of real life stories seriously; even if it's enjoyable, it doesn't look credible."
70 59% Mank (2020) - Mar 07, 2021
"The edition has some great moments; there are some great dialogue scenes. It's possibly Fincher's most sober work (the characters are closer to reality, with less presence of narrative exaggeration)."
45 11% Shy Boys: IRL (2011) - Feb 14, 2021
70 59% Lux Æterna (2019) - Feb 07, 2021
"A Noé movie is always an experience, no description can fully indicate what it is. The plot shows the process of shooting a movie: the conflicts between director, producers and photographer; lost actors; personal problems and still a need to push for some artistic result; a young ambitious director that intends to use his work to talk about relevant topics. All of this builds up a chaotic environment that ends in the brilliant scene of the rehearsal. A portrayal of shooting a movie as torture."
65 46% Soul (2020) - Jan 30, 2021
"Very touching movie about living, expectations, frustrations and specially wanting to live."