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74 70% Di jiu tian chang (2019) - Aug 02, 2020
"The movie is capable of displaying emotions in a very subtle way, it all comes from their lives, death/loss, state control that causes even more pain and fear. There are some very good scenes. Still, sometimes the way the story is told coming and going from each moment in time sometimes looks excessive."
55 27% Bringing Up Baby (1938) - Jul 24, 2020
"The main characters are memorable with great performances; the comedy work some moments, but it's not rarely just very unfunny. Some of Susan's actions to bring David next to her are absurd, others are so morally unacceptable to a point that it compromises any type of empathy towards Susan. The intention obviously isn't to present a credible story, but everything is just so absurd to a point where nothing makes sense."
65 45% The Night of the Hunter (1955) - Jul 23, 2020
"Weird pace, the edition has some terrible moments; the only solid thing about it is the plot and the characters. There are some memorable moments/dialogues/scenes. Still, the ending looks like such a self sabotage."
74 70% Pain and Glory (2019) - Jul 22, 2020
"The construction of a personal self, his memories, the many images that compose his life experiences; it's a unique work with some very touching moments."
68 52% Momenti di trascurabile felicit√† (2019) - Jul 18, 2020
"The portrayal of an average man that looks on his life, it's very touching and melancholic in some moments; Alleruzzo's performance is impressive; it's not techically brilliant (the screenplay has some very good moments), but it's quite emotional."
73 68% The Princess Bride (1987) - Jul 12, 2020
"Very enjoyable, the intention was to create an entertaining movie and on that point it's a very successful work."
70 59% Insurgentes (2009) - Jul 11, 2020
50 19% Brave (2012) - Jul 06, 2020
70 59% How to Train Your Dragon (2010) - Jul 06, 2020
50 19% The Farewell (2019) - Jul 05, 2020
"The emotional plot works well. There's also an attempt to show the distiction between chinese culture/life from other countries' culture, specially western culture - this is very present in the screenplay and it's the weakest part of the movie, it lacks actually showing the counterpoint from the other culture. Production, acting, screenplay aren't bad, but are far from good - there are good moments and many deficient moments."