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80 86% A Place in the Sun (1951) - Nov 23, 2020
70 59% The Man With a Movie Camera (1929) - Nov 22, 2020
"Interesting, the camera man as some sort a character, the attempt to register society, the moments where the subjectivity of the character materializes are very interesting; there are some brilliant edition moments. It's the obvious result of a lot of hard work. Still, I'm not gonna pretend I see how supposedly impressive it is; it has its merits, it's probably very emblematic for what it means for that time, but the past is long gone."
65 45% As Tears Go By (1988) - Nov 20, 2020
"There's a very violent life with great tension, the desire of relevance, the conflict with enemies; and, all of this have a strong contrast with a strong family bond that goes to the ultimate sacrifice and the beauty of a romantic love affair. The plot turns out to be very violent and emotional at the same time, which makes it look very real and bittersweet."
80 86% Ashes of Time Redux (2008) - Nov 14, 2020
"Kar-Wai makes the most romantic love stories marked by the absence or frustration by one or both of the lovers, always with a great sense of longing that is shown with great images and very emotive soundtrack that make it a touching experience. The story is some sort a mythological narrative where the magical element doesn't make everything perfect, it just removes part of the cause of pain for those involved. Technically very bold and challenging."
70 59% Happy Together (1997) - Nov 09, 2020
"It's very well written and directed, but it looks like a more contained work that wants to be pleasing enough to be acknowledged."
77 79% Fallen Angels (1995) - Nov 07, 2020
"The story focus on the characters, showing who they are, despite their actions. One of the characters records his father and in the footage he can remember who he was, the movie does the same with the characters: shows who they were, not just on the outside, but also on the inside (the narration translates their interior voice). Still, much of what is shown as reality is a romantic allegory of the interior of the characters. Brilliant direction, great soundtrack."
60 34% Concert of Wishes (1967) - Nov 02, 2020
"Despite its limitations it's really capable of creating a certain environment for the characters - a group of students and a couple traveling; a tense situation followed by a romantic ending (being together even without a tent). It has narrative qualities that are portrayed only through images."
70 59% Talking Heads (1980) - Nov 02, 2020
"Interesting collection of very different characters; it's very clear that democracy is a great desire for them, living under the soviet influence at the time."
76 77% Blow Out (1981) - Nov 01, 2020
80 86% Chungking Express (1994) - Nov 01, 2020
"Brilliant direction with a solid screenplay. Two love stories of particular characters - one of them is a young man that suffers because of a breakup; the other is a girl that goes unnoticed by a man who recently went through a breakup. The locations, the way it's shot, the direction and edition really make it a special movie."