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100 T10 Lion (2016) - Jan 19, 2017
"Most of the parts of this movie work really well both independently and together. There's a bit too much google maps-ing - it's not too interesting to watch, but forgivable. Strong performances overall, glimpses of fantastic cinematography and a really good balance of tone for my taste. Just short of Slumdog Millionaire."
T1 Split (2017) - Jan 19, 2017
"Shyamalan has exceeded himself in every way; A masterclass in completely terrible filmmaking. Words fail me. That ending, oh boy - hold on to your faces. Poor McAvoy really could have used a director on this film."
75 T7 Dyrene i Hakkebakkeskogen (2016) - Jan 19, 2017
"This is just a really great story and the animation is wonderful. Timeless and surprsingly nuanced."
T1 Assassin's Creed (2016) - Jan 15, 2017
"Poorly conceived. Poorly executed. Garbage."
25 T2 The Untamed (2016) - Jan 12, 2017
"I'm surprised at how unbelievably boring and uninteresting they managed to make this premise."
75 T7 Manchester by the Sea (2016) - Jan 08, 2017
"I don't want to take anything away from the absolutely fantastic performances - in particular from Casey Affleck (whom I assume must be the Oscar snub of the year) - nor the well-written characters and dialog or great overall atmosphere. But this film really lost track of itself and had entirely the wrong focus for me. The most interesting parts of the story are reduced to a byline, mostly told through allusions in a window of time 10 years on. It's good, just not my kind of storytelling at all."
75 T7 A Time to Kill (1996) - Jan 05, 2017
"The characters are caricatures but the performances are great. Poor Ashley Judd was way out of her depths though. "
75 T7 Perfect Strangers (2016) - Jan 04, 2017
"After the slow opening I was engaged throughout. I feel like it jumps the shark a bit at some point but it commits to it well regardless and it somehow makes sense - it is at least interesting. I want Marco Giallini to read me bedtime stories, what a soothing voice on that man."
100 T10 Toni Erdmann (2016) - Jan 04, 2017
"Somehow manages to simultaneously feel overlong and leave you wanting more. Certainly it is doing a tremendous amount of things right. There is breathtaking humanity in this film, for better or worse. Both profound and genuinely hilarious, it's a rare achievement."
75 T7 Passengers (2016) - Jan 01, 2017
"So close to giving this a top score. Despite a lot of shortcuts taken i really loved the first two parts of this. Unfortunately the final act/ending falls through a bit. I really enjoyed it regardless if its flaws (and Jennifer Lawrence)."