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Ethel Merman

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Her Future Her Future (1930)  - Short Film
Summary: Playing the defendant in an expressionistic fantasy version of a courtroom, Ethel Merman pleads her case (singing "My Future Just Passed") and promises to stay out of trouble from now on ("Sing, You Sinners"). (imdb)
No Score
A Special Sesame Street Christmas A Special Sesame Street Christmas (1978)  - TV Movie
Summary: Leslie Uggams is celebrating Christmas on Sesame Street. But since Oscar the Grouch is being a right old Scrooge, she decides to teach him a lesson by imploring Anne Murray, Imogene Coca and Dickie Smothers to pose as the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.
No Score
Happy Landing Happy Landing (1938)
Summary: Bandleader (Romero and manager (Ameche) discover skater (Henie) in Norway. They become rivals as she returns with them to America. (imdb)
No Score
Rudolph and Frosty Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July (1979)  - TV Movie
Summary: Long ago the Lady Borealis placed the evil Winterbolt under a magic spell, and put the last of her magic into the nose of a newborn reindeer: Rudolph. But now Winterbolt's awake. He gives Frosty's family magic amulets to keep them from melting until the Fourth of July so that Frosty and Rudolph can help Lilly's circus and Milton can marry his girlfriend on the high-wire, and Santa will use his sleigh to make sure everybody gets back to the North Pole in time... (imdb)
No Score
Time on My Hands Time on My Hands (1932)  - Short Film
Summary: In this surrealist entry, a fisherman deals with rebellious worms; a diver flirts with a Betty Boop-like mermaid who becomes Ethel Merman... (imdb)
No Score
Devil Sea Devil Sea (1931)  - Short Film
Summary: Ethel Merman who was one of the biggest stars Broadway ever knew never quite made it in films. Only two of her Broadway roles were done by her on film Anything Goes and Call Me Madam. This short, The Devil Sea was apparently made by her at Paramount's Astoria studio while she was on Broadway with Girl Crazy. That was her breakout show and the one where she introduced I've Got Rhythm. (imdb)
No Score
Be Like Me Be Like Me (1931)  - Short Film
Summary: Ethel runs a run down saloon in Nicaragua. Word arrives that the soldiers are pulling out, and most of the American miners and all of the women must ship out on a vessel bound for San Francisco, but her boyfriend has been ordered to remain. (imdb)
No Score
Song Shopping Song Shopping (1933)  - Short Film
Summary: Fleischer Studios 'Screen Song' with Ethel Merman singing the songs.
No Score
Ireno Ireno (1932)  - Short Film
Summary: Singer Irene is in Reno for a divorce, though her friend Bob tries to convince her it's all a mistake. Then husband Cliff shows up... (imdb)
No Score
Roaming Roaming (1931)  - Short Film
Summary: A medicine show singer finds her love. (imdb)
No Score
Old Man Blues Old Man Blues (1931)  - Short Film
Summary: A woman sundered from her sweetheart sings the title song as a duet with a personified Old Man Blues, in fog-shrouded woodland. (imdb)
No Score
The Big Broadcast of 1936 The Big Broadcast of 1936 (1935)
Summary: The wisp of a storyline involves two-bit radio station owner Spud (Jack Oakie), who doubles as the station's sole announcer while his comic partner Smiley (Henry Wadsworth) serves as the house crooner. On the verge of bankruptcy, Spud is receptive to the wacky notions of George Burns and Gracie Allen, who've just invented a television device which can pick up and transmit any signal, any time, anywhere. (allmovie.com)
No Score
Anything Goes Anything Goes (1936)
Summary: A young man falls in love with a beautiful blonde. When he sees her being forced onto a luxury liner, he decides to follow and rescue her. However, he discovers that she is an English heiress who ran away from home and is now being returned to England. He also discovers that his boss is on the ship. To avoid discovery, he disguises himself as the gangster accomplice of a minister, who is actually a gangster on the run from the law. (imdb)
No Score
Call Me Madam Call Me Madam (1953)
Summary: Washington hostess Sally Adams becomes a Truman-era US ambassador to a European grand duchy. (imdb)
No Score
Let Me Call You Sweetheart Let Me Call You Sweetheart (1932)  - Short Film
Summary: Betty Boop, a nursemaid, meets a masher in the park; with the Bouncing Ball, Ethel Merman sings the title song. (imdb)
No Score
There There's No Business Like Show Business (1954)
Summary: Molly and Terry Donahue, plus their three children, are The Five Donahues. Son Tim meets hat-check girl Vicky and the family act begins to fall apart. (imdb)
No Score
Strike Me Pink Strike Me Pink (1936)
Summary: Meek Eddie Pink becomes manager of an amusement park beset by mobsters. (imdb)
No Score
It It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963)
Summary: The dying words of a thief spark a madcap cross-country rush to find some treasure. (imdb)
No Score
Kid Millions Kid Millions (1934)
Summary: A musical comedy about a Brooklyn boy (Eddie Cantor) who inherits a fortune from his archaeologist father, but has to go to Egypt to claim it. (imdb)
No Score
We We're Not Dressing (1934)
Summary: Beautiful high society type Doris Worthington is entertaining guests on her yacht in the Pacific when it hits a reef and sinks. She makes her way to an island with the help of singing sailor Stephen Jones. Her friend Edith, Uncle Hubert, and Princes Michael and Alexander make it to the same island but all prove to be useless in the art of survival... (imdb)
No Score
Alexander Alexander's Ragtime Band (1938)
Summary: This send-up of ragtime song and dance begins in 1915 San Francisco when society boy Roger Grant decides to pursue popular rather than serious music. (imdb)
No Score
You Try Somebody Else You Try Somebody Else (1932)  - Short Film
Summary: Ethel Merman sings the title song with a Bouncing Ball. Animated sequence: a cat burglar, just out of jail, raids Betty Boop's icebox. (imdb)
No Score
Follow the Leader Follow the Leader (1930)
Summary: Ed Wynn, a waiter, tries to get hit employers daughter a start on the stage; Ginger Rogers replaces Ethel Merman when Merman is kidnapped. (imdb)
No Score
Straight Place and Show Straight Place and Show (1938)
Summary: The Ritz Brothers go to the race track. They raise training end entrance money in a wrestling match and help a young man (Arlen) train the horse of his fiancée (Brooks). (imdb)
No Score
Airplane! Airplane! (1980)
Summary: An airplane crew takes ill. Surely the only person capable of landing the plane is an ex-pilot afraid to fly. But don't call him Shirley.