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55 T3 The Strangeness (1985) - Feb 25, 2018
"An entire hour of people walking back and forth on the same set then me another fool stumbling out of the Strangeness letting you know the monster looks like a vagina thing. "
30 T1 Retro Puppet Master (1999) - Feb 24, 2018
"Oh hi puppets "
75 T7 Chris Rock: Tamborine (2018) - Feb 23, 2018
70 T6 Game Night (2018) - Feb 23, 2018
"Like most game nights it kinda loses steam near the end and youre just waiting for everyone to leave."
60 T4 What Women Want (2000) - Feb 17, 2018
"Raped by a pack of * bull whips Michael Richards* "
60 T4 A Futile and Stupid Gesture (2018) - Feb 15, 2018
60 T4 A Dirty Shame (2004) - Feb 15, 2018
"Everything is genitals but it feels so squeaky clean. "
25 T1 Baywatch (2017) - Feb 12, 2018
"The Rock’s idea of comedy is saying fuck. My idea of comedy is doing a dead serious totally bizarre Baywatch reboot thing with no boobies. No it isn’t. This suuuuucked."
65 T5 The Earth Dies Screaming (1965) - Feb 12, 2018
"Alien invasion movie where they spend most of the time in front of a roaring fire in a parlour. It works though, I'd do the same thing, no heroics here. One of those wonderful movies that are just over an hour. There's this part where they run over one of the "Robits" and it's so brutal and great. "
90 T10 Nightmare at Shadow Woods (1987) - Feb 12, 2018
"God damn hoot and a half. If there’s no ridiculous synth blaring there’s an actress reading her lines like they’re going to hurt her. Super tight 80 minutes run time used to perfection. Blowing weird kisses at this movie. "