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Celluloid Junkie - 4933 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 15, 2008

Location: Ontario, Canada

Bio: Hootin' & Hollerin' about the moving pictures since '08
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70 53% Creature (1985) - Jan 25, 2022
"Klaus Kinski immediately groping a woman forgetting the camera is running and playing it off as his character. They need to keep boom mics away from the Kinski his disgustingly long upper lip area is never properly moist (I hate that I'm writing this) and it's always making disgusting noises when he talks, every syllable is smacked out and disgusting. Kinski was always at his best slathered in makeup or playing crazy- any attempt at him playing a somewhat normal person makes him come off more al"
80 77% Riders of Justice (2020) - Jan 25, 2022
" Taken with NERDS Coincidentally a Christmas movie "
65 42% Forbidden Zone (1980) - Jan 25, 2022
"You know when you really want to show a friend a funny youtube video you saw and they sit there in uncomfortable silence - it's right here again baby."
65 42% Retribution (1987) - Jan 25, 2022
"A confusing enjoyable mess, am I describing this movie? Not at all, the main guys haircut is insane you need to see. It's like a mix of all the roy orbison/charles grodin slash fiction you ever wanted in a haircut. It's the worst looking hair ever seen in a movie, just an impenetrable garbage helmet that drives way too many women insane. Oh the gore is kinda shocking in this but not as shocking as our diet Charles Grodin"
70 53% The Empty Man (2020) - Jan 25, 2022
" I went years not knowing what a tulpa was, than I watched the third season of Twin Peaks and was bludgeoned with the concept and here I am again getting just clobbered. I didnt learn anything, I refuse. Way too long but if it were any shorter it would be total nonsense. The wettest whispering. "
80 77% The First Wave (2021) - Jan 25, 2022
"Harrowing watch, medical staff living a nightmare daily. If you won't get vaccinated to protect others etc: go suck hard on Trump's catheter you stupid moron clown, pee will protect you."
80 77% Under Siege (1992) - Jan 25, 2022
"I will scarf down every Die Hard knockoff from this period and ask for more, I will never be sated."
20 2% Poison Ivy (1992) - Jan 25, 2022
" Photo of ET Drew Barrymore sitting at a table with Tom Skerrit at Studio 54. "
70 53% Macbeth (2015) - Jan 25, 2022
"Another cold and gloomy adaptation of Macbeth. I put this on after watching the bare bones version Joel Coen just put out and almost had a stroke when it opened with some Bravehart style battle. "