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Ella May

Film Freak - 784 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 13, 2009

Location: USA

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70 48% It Could Happen to You (1994) - Dec 08, 2019
"This should have been charming but Rosie Perez's character was so ugly, and not because of her acting, but because of a script that seemed to need to vilify someone on its way to getting a nice police officer matched up with a better mate (specifically a cute blonde who is polite, although not without spunk.) "
70 48% Merry-Go-Round (1981) - Dec 08, 2019
""Mysterious" would be a nice way of describing this somewhat slow, confusing movie. Despite feeling lost and a bit frustrated, I recognize this movie as being up my alley."
80 85% The Man Who Knew Too Little (1997) - Dec 01, 2019
"Bill Murray plays a similar part to what he has played elsewhere, but here it really worked better than usual in my opinion. (I don't usually like Bill Murray very much.) "
70 48% Sorry to Bother You (2018) - Dec 01, 2019
"Much less weird than expected. Felt like an 80's movie."
65 33% Where Danger Lives (1950) - Dec 01, 2019
70 48% Be Kind Rewind (2008) - Dec 01, 2019
"Not quite what I was expecting, this was absurd but very cute. It had a nostalgic feel about it, although the action seems to be contemporary, so I guess not an homage to a time period as much as to a lifestyle, a certain idealized place and community. Reminded me of Fellini's Amarcord in a weird way, I guess for the nostalgia and the eccentric townspeople. Or an episode of Northern Exposure where the town comes together after Ed makes one of his movies."
65 33% Julie & Julia (2009) - Dec 01, 2019
"watched this movie on Netflix sometime last summer when I was at loose ends. I like Amy Adams but the plot honestly did not sound interesting; I don't really like biographical movies as a genre. I thought, do I really need to watch Meryl Streep impersonate Julia Child for 2 hours? Which is basically what it amounted to, although it was really only half the movie that was historical/biographical, and the other half was Amy Adams being kind of silly. Overall, diverting but not impressive to me"
65 33% Murder Mystery (2019) - Dec 01, 2019
70 48% Peyton Place (1957) - Apr 14, 2018