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Member Since: Apr 6, 2017

Location: USA

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57 13% Mother! (2017) - Apr 23, 2019
"This is an allegorical surrealist dream sequence, not a horror movie. I didn’t know that going in, and the movie is better (I think) if you watch it looking for biblical references and artistic allegory and enjoying the strange, fantastic, and grotesque imagery, rather than waiting for some cohesive horror plot to emerge. There isn’t one. "
90 72% Shutter Island (2010) - Apr 08, 2019
92 81% 12 Monkeys (1995) - Apr 05, 2019
93 86% The Haunting of Hill House (2018) - Mar 03, 2019
81 40% Arq (2016) - Feb 28, 2019
64 16% Sorgenfri (2015) - Oct 05, 2018
"Interesting as a plague outbreak film, fails as a zombie film. The best part is the portrayal of a middle class suburban neighborhood slowly breaking down in reaction to biological threat, martial law, quarantine, resource scarcity, starvation, and societal abandonment. It undercuts itself with totally cliched zombies. A government deciding to isolate and execute citizens to prevent a devastating plague is so much worse than it rightly killing off zombies(with some civilian collateral damage)."
91 77% Serial Experiments: Lain (1998) - Sep 25, 2018
88 63% Angel Sanctuary (2001) - Sep 25, 2018
85 47% Basilisk (2005) - Sep 25, 2018
61 15% The Vault (2017) - Sep 25, 2018
"Enjoyable enough. Nice little thriller/horror movie. Never quite decides what kind of a movie it’s going to be. Has enough plot to make a good ‘horror anthology type’ TV episode. Lots of wasted opportunity, but nothing really bad. Throws a bunch of potentially interesting elements at the wall, but nothing quite follows through. A not-bad way to waste 90 minutes, but it’ll never make a favorites list."