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70 T6 Kong: Skull Island (2017) - Mar 12, 2017
"It has a lot more in common with Jurassic World in its disregard to decent writing and thirst for carnage. Kong: Skull Island will appeal to a similar audience, while everyone outside that bubble will write it off as pointless rubbish. [Read Full Review]"
79 T8 The Office (2005) - Feb 24, 2017
57 T4 The Red Turtle (2016) - Feb 24, 2017
"While many animation directors started working in shorts before moving on to feature-length films, Dudok de Wit has trouble making the transition, with The Red Turtle feeling more like an overlong short subject than a film deserving of its 80 minute runtime. [Read Full Review]"
76 T7 Blade Runner (1982) - Feb 12, 2017
"An intoxicating sci-fi, boasting a world of outstanding depth and creativity. [Read Full Review]"
53 T3 Henry V (1989) - Feb 09, 2017
"Lacking the passion and wit that has characterized Shakespeare's work, and no amount of saliva-heavy speeches can change that. [Read Full Review]"
72 T6 Hidden Figures (2016) - Feb 05, 2017
"Hidden Figures charms despite its predictability, and even the very cynical may find this film to be genuinely disarming in its appeal. [Read Full Review]"
87 T10 There Will Be Blood (2007) - Jan 31, 2017
"Spear-headed by a disturbingly simmering performance by Daniel Day-Lewis, There Will Be Blood is a dark and dusty firecracker that delights even as it unsettles. [Read Full Review]"
59 T4 King Kong (2005) - Jan 26, 2017
"Adequate popcorn fare, emphasis on the "corn." [Read Full Review]"
50 T3 Split (2017) - Jan 21, 2017
"Split is doubly frustrating when one considers that audiences already received a superb "mysterious abduction with an enigmatic captor" film last year in the form of 10 Cloverfield Lane, a work that bears some surprising similarities to this one, and also manages to outdo Split in every possible way. [Read Full Review]"
67 T5 The Visit (2015) - Jan 14, 2017
"Probably Shyamalan's best twist since The Sixth Sense. It works almost oppositely to the way the twist did in The Village, in that rather than completely muffling all the tension and suspense built up to that point, it causes it to quicken and ascend. It's a giddy moment that heightens the film and masterfully sets the stage for a heart-pounding finale. [Read Full Review]"