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Member Since: Jul 19, 2008

Bio: I am a huge movie buff and have watched films for all my life. My love for them grows with each and every view. My favorite one is A Clockwork Orange. My favorite directors include Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, Ingmar Bergman, etc. Thanks to everybody for starring my reviews. I really appreciate it.
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80 64% The Book of Eli (2010) - Jan 16, 2010
"I did not expect The Book of Eli to be this good. It's a first-rate post-apocalyptic action thriller with touches of religion that humbly takes a close third behind The Road and Children of Men. Denzel Washington demonstrates his pure dominance and ascendancy towards the other cast members, while Oldman puts his veteran acting abilities to the test with his praiseworthy and honorable performance here. A strong film to begin the year."
90 79% District 9 (2009) - Aug 13, 2009
"District 9 is the most propitiously first-rate and encouragingly sensible and prosperous sci-fi film of the summer. Not only is it a perspicacious commentary on humanity and other such global themes, but on its own as a regular and standard film it is unstoppable. The imagery is vibrant and energetically glowing in quality, and the acting is top-notch. The biggest sleeper triumph ever, and hopefully it brings overwhelming exposure to Blomkamp. He has all the talent in the world loaded into him."
21 14% Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) - Jun 24, 2009
"Bay spends more investments and thousands of dollars making this completely worthless attainment. Transformers fight doltishly and moronically as loud booming and pounding noises are made in the background. Mercenaries fight off Decepticons to heavy metal music and techno, and Shia Labeouf stumbles and falls like an insipid idiot. Oh, and did I forget the eruption of explosions that occur every five seconds or so? I didn't? Oh well."
86 73% Philadelphia (1993) - Feb 06, 2010
"Upon watching this film my love for Hanks has been renewed thanks to his extraordinary performance here. Philadelphia is a well-directed, well-paced and just downright mindblowing film. It primarily converges on prejuidice and cumulatedly questions the equality of all the people in America. Demme insightfully releases a cornucopia of profundity to the plotline and characters, piling up the severity and awareness of these two priorities. A film that is extremely hard to forget."
96 89% Short Cuts (1993) - Feb 04, 2010
"A personal human drama focusing on the dynsfuctional and contemporary side of America. The jazz soundtrack really adds to your overall inclination of the film in the end. Altman amplifies and proliferates the overall perspicuity of Carver's already profilic characters until they overflow with realism and individuality. All of the stories are enjoyable and adequately crafted, not one dull moment in the entire length of the film. A true masterpiece and a high point in Altman's career."
99 95% Hoop Dreams (1994) - Jul 21, 2009
"Not only does James prospect, scrutinize and analyse the two boy's courageous perseverance and adherence, but also their economical and academic import. It takes an enormous quantity of desire and hope to reach the status these two boys did, but they have confirmed right here that anything is possible. The best documentary I've ever seen and also one of the best single movies I've ever sat through. Remarkable in every regard."
97 90% A Serious Man (2009) - Feb 04, 2010
"The Coens strike again. An irregular yet cerebral and tragic comedy with discursively digressive humor that sets the mood for the rest of the film as our main character strives to find the meaning of life, the edification and literacy of truth. The ending is just as unresolved and vaguely hinted As No Country For Old Men. Gopnick is so passive, unwilling and devoid of any passion. But you know what, this was the directors' intention, and I loved it."
99 95% Inglourious Basterds (2009) - Aug 22, 2009
"Inglourious Basterds is assuredly and irrefutably the best film you are going to get from 2009. It accentuates all of QT's trademark ascertainments, and the editing is enduringly primary Tarantino. The script is the best I've ever heard in a while, with enough sapient dialogue that could fatigue and prostrate even the most prudent of films. The cast is excellent, with Brad Pitt giving a exotic and chimerical yet good performance. But Christoph Waltz kills in this one as a indomitable detective."
97 90% Let the Right One In (2008) - Dec 28, 2008
"A slow, gently constructed nefarious yet extremely eerie and subtle romance powerhouse with a fresh, unique spin on the almost defunct vampire genre with great performances and uncanny chemistry in the relationship between Oskar and the fanged-freak Eli. Let the Right One In has achieved success in critical regions most horror films have left untouched for many long years. It may not feel completely whole, but it's a LOT better than what we got with Twilight. One of the best movies of 2008."