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Matthew Parkinson

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20 T1 Wish Upon (2017) - Oct 15, 2017
20 T1 Flatliners (2017) - Oct 15, 2017
30 T2 Happy Death Day (2017) - Oct 14, 2017
"Happy Death Day is an annoying movie, one that has a decent premise that is wasted in the execution. We hate our protagonist, which means that we don’t care about the turmoil she’s about to go through—in fact, we kind of hope she does. Most of the other characters are also awful. There aren’t any scares, there’s no creativity to the deaths, it’s not funny, it’s not insightful, it isn’t dramatic—it’s a whole lot of nothing. [Read Full Review]"
80 T9 The Meyerowitz Stories (2017) - Oct 14, 2017
50 T5 The Foreigner (2017) - Oct 13, 2017
"The Foreigner is a decent but unremarkable action-thriller, exactly the type of movie you'd expect if you heard it was from the director of the American Edge of Darkness. It has a couple of noteworthy performances, some okay action, and a complex, although not terribly engaging, plot. It lacks in emotional resonance, and its two characters' stories don't quite mesh together to create a cohesive whole. There are worse things to watch than The Foreigner, but there are tons of better things, too. [Read Full Review]"
70 T8 Stronger (2017) - Oct 12, 2017
60 T7 The Hero (2017) - Oct 12, 2017
50 T5 The Lovers (2017) - Oct 12, 2017
50 T5 The Beguiled (2017) - Oct 12, 2017