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Location: USA

Bio: 1-Hated it. 2-Didn't like it. 3-Meh. 4-Liked it. 5-Loved it.
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62% The Lodge (2020) - Jan 23, 2022
"A really good psychosocial horror film. As is the case with films from this genre, things are usually not depicted in a straightforward fashion---primarily to build the psychological effect---which puts the uninitiated/unaccustomed viewer off and explains the intense negative reviews and opinions on the film. Won't get full marks because I thought the ending was untuned."
35% Master (2021) - Jan 22, 2022
"One extra star for the ever brilliant Vijay Sethupathi."
49% Asuran (2019) - Jan 22, 2022
"When the violence feels overdone and exhausting in the end, the backstory is a big distraction, and the story becomes repetitive, a promising film just manages to be mediocre. "
49% Relic (2020) - Jan 19, 2022
"The fate or horror of getting old is tough to digest but inevitable. Heartfelt but logically unsound. The paranormal elements/rot/black mold gives a comical angle to an otherwise interesting film making the entire story of the movie seem purposeless. If these elements are supposed to be metaphorical, which I think they are, they are not entirely convincing. It is the sole reason that restricts the movie from breaking into the good film barrier."
49% Eternals (2021) - Jan 19, 2022
83% Seven Pounds (2008) - Jan 19, 2022
83% A Separation (2011) - Jan 19, 2022
83% Se7en (1995) - Jan 19, 2022
83% Schindler's List (1993) - Jan 19, 2022
83% Saving Private Ryan (1998) - Jan 19, 2022