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75 T10 Let the Right One In (2008) - Jun 17, 2014
"Hitting that perfect note of creepy and touching that I had thought only Guillermo del Toro had in his back pocket, this exquisitely understated Swedish shocker manages to capture the terror, tenderness and poignancy of childhood and give it the purity and strangeness of a fable."
91 T10 The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (1933) - Sep 20, 2010
"Anyone who doubts Fritz Lang's stature as a technical innovator on par with Eisenstein or Hitchcock needs to see this, particularly the way he uses sound to suggest eerie shadowy presences off screen. Mabuse is heard but not seen. Then there is the hidden ticking time bomb. Hasn't aged a day. "
85 T10 Yuki Yukite shingun (1987) - May 09, 2014
"This film makes other documentaries look academic by comparison, inserting the film makers into open, unpredictable situations, showing them witnessing and participating in their unfolding. The effect is incredibly immersive. As the crazed former soldier Okuzaki confronts his old officers the layers of denial and deceit begin to peel back and what we see fascinates and horrifies. Listed by Errol Morris as one of his influences, for good reason."
90 T10 Cure (1997) - Aug 28, 2011
"One of the most scary things I have ever seen. Kurosawa reminds me of Cronenberg a bit in that his work feels genuinely dangerous. I am always a bit scared of what he is going to show me, but I cannot stop watching. "
64 T7 Labyrinth (1986) - Sep 21, 2010
"Clumsy, awkward and hamfisted in some respects (the script, the misjudged musical numbers, too many characters), Jim Henson's post Dark Crystal effort still boasts some of the most fascinating and imaginative puppetry work and set design ever seen in a feature. Highlights, the Escher relativity scene, the Fire Gang dance. Unique and worth seeing."