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Cinema Addict - 2063 Film Ratings

Member Since: Sep 20, 2010

Location: USA

Bio: My passions: Golden age Japanese cinema, German expressionism, film noir, the cinema of East Asia, silent comedy, 80's body horror, brainy science fiction
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82 96% A Serious Man (2009) - Apr 24, 2016
"A series of wry non-answers to the question 'what the fuck does God want from me?', this Jewish metaphysical comedy in the vein of a Midwestern, suburban Kafka is great fun, but nasty fun. As in the Book of Job, the sublime, incomprehensible voice of God ('speaking out of the whirlwind') appears in the cyclone at the end."
55 25% Cleopatra (1963) - May 06, 2020
"Every shot feels framed to show off the lavish production design with the actors standing there in static full shot, stranded in the middle of vast megalomaniacal sets, declaiming grandiloquent, portentous nonsense like statues draped in costume jewelry.."
64 60% Labyrinth (1986) - Sep 21, 2010
"Clumsy, awkward and hamfisted in some respects (the script, the misjudged musical numbers, too many characters), Jim Henson's post Dark Crystal effort still boasts some of the most fascinating and imaginative puppetry work and set design ever seen in a feature. Highlights, the Escher relativity scene, the Fire Gang dance. Unique and worth seeing."
91 98% The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (1933) - Sep 20, 2010
"Anyone who doubts Fritz Lang's stature as a technical innovator on par with Eisenstein or Hitchcock needs to see this, particularly the way he uses sound to suggest eerie shadowy presences off screen. Mabuse is heard but not seen. Then there is the hidden ticking time bomb. Hasn't aged a day. "
95 99% Black Mirror: Fifteen Million Merits (2011) - Feb 16, 2015
"Tender and acid, poignant and cruel, this elegant black comedy parable of art and commerce manages to say volumes about consumerism, the commodification of dissent and the emptiness of contemporary existence in one short hour. It doesn't just give us two people; it also skillful and economically sketches an entire society and a way of life around them. "
75 93% Let the Right One In (2008) - Jun 17, 2014
"Hitting that perfect note of creepy and touching that I had thought only Guillermo del Toro had in his back pocket, this exquisitely understated Swedish shocker manages to capture the terror, tenderness and poignancy of childhood and give it the purity and strangeness of a fable."